Japanese Booster Packs/Boxes questions

Thinking about getting my feet wet on this whole Japanese card thing. I’d like to purchase a few booster boxes from some of the more affordable sets from varying eras that I enjoyed most and see what I think after opening them. Probably going to open a whole can of worms and feel the need to double my collection… so yeah, a few questions first.

I really have no idea how each set is laid out, and I can’t seem to find any definitive “guide” to it. Does anyone know of a source that shows for each expansion what can be expected in a booster box? From what I can find the # of packs per box has varied over the years, as well as not only the number of cards inside a pack, but even what is guaranteed to come in there. Some are guaranteed rare with some ratio of holos. Some seem to guarantee a holo in every pack. Some sets were 5 cards per pack 20 packs per box, some seem like they were 60 packs per box. Anybody have any links or can give a quick rundown of what to expect? It would be greatly appreciated! I am finding the information set by set through forum posts and eBay listings and things of that nature, but it is fairly tedious to do for so many sets, also I am already finding some conflicting info and having it all in one place would be nice. I have a couple CP6 boxes on the way and really would like to get 4-5 different sets on the way from my favorite sets from each era (at least the more affordable ones to see if I want to pursue it).

You have probably already come across this within your research, but I use this once in awhile when I am organizing “newer” (Non-WotC) cards - lists both English and Japanese


Yeah that is my number 1 resource for English cards as each set name contains a link that goes on to a new page showing all cards in the set. All theme deck exclusives, tons of other info. Unfortunately that really only gives me # of cards per set, and not really any of the other info I am looking for when it comes to Japanese sets. Not even the list of cards available except for a few random sets that contain links like the English ones.

I think you’ll find that bulbapedia lists every Japanese set with the contents of that set mate :wink:

My bad, yes they do right to the right half of the page on the English set list… so that covers that bit.

From my own experience and what I’ve seen on youtube, newer sets seem to guarantee 4 RR or better (with at least 1 being a break card) and 6 holos per box. Pre-break card newer sets I believe guarantee 3 RR or better and 6-7 holos per box.

This is pretty accurate.

From my own experiences I’d say anything after XY3 should net you 4 RR or 3 RR + 1 BREAK / SR / UR.

Again from experience, I had the worst pull rates from XY2 and XY3.

In terms of holos, it’s typically 1 in every second pack provided that pack doesn’t contain a higher rarity card. Meaning you’ll get a combination of 10 R / RR / BREAK / SR / UR in your box of XY era.

In terms of sets that are best for pull rates, you can’t go past XY7 Bandit Ring. The UR Rayquaza, Kyogre and Groudon are ridiculously easy to pull and from my own records, I pulled an SR or UR in 96% of my boxes (24/25).

I am looking for a resource that describes what you are trying to find @gottaketchumall, I think one exists, I just haven’t bookmarked it and now can’t remember how I found it. It wasn’t an English page though.

It’d be great to get that link. Google translate is awesome and hopefully would make it usable. I am looking not just for XY, but back to BW, ex series, WOTC stuff and all that.