Japanese Trophy/Promo for sale

Hey guys, im trying to offload some old pokemon cards. im looking to sell them here before they go on ebay. so email me any offers.

  1. Trophy Kangaskhan
  2. JR Lilypad mew and surfing pikachu in original folder
  3. Players Club Shiny Mew with 15,000EXP in Original folder
  4. Nintendo 64Japanese Promo folder with Holographic Snorlax and Porygon
  5. ANA 1999 Promo with Articuno and Pikachu in original folder


I’m very interested in the Kangaskhan - but I don’t know what a fair price is.

Do you want to suggest something and we can take it from there?

Did the Kangaskhan get sold in the end?

sorry guys, i had family affected by the march 11 tsunami in japan and have been overwhelmed by everything. thus the non reply and all. im still trying to sell all the cards. let me know if you guys have questions.

Hope all of your family are ok.

I’m guessing you sold the Kangaskhan?

Yea I’d be interested as well. I do hope everyone is ok though…