Japanese SR and UR pull rates for the BW and XY era?

Hello everyone! I am a big fan of the SR’s and UR’s from the BW and XY era however I have heard that the odds of pulling an SR (in the BW sets) is 1 in 5 boxes and a UR is 1 in 20 boxes! Is this true? I would also like to know the pull rates in the XY era as well if possible.

Thank you for reading!

Hi, welcome to E4!

Pull rates for SR cards in the BW series are 1 in 2 boxes on average. UR cards are 1 in 10 to 1 in 20, but I have not seen a confirmed number. Based on personal experience watching openings I’d put it closer to 1 in 20 than 1 in 10.

Pull rates stayed largely the same for the first part of the XY series. 1 in 2 boxes for a SR card, but pulling UR cards in early XY did seem easier, I’d say 1 in 10 sounds about right. Once you got to XY6, it seemed to be slightly above 50% for a SR card. XY7 featured a 100% pull rate of either a SR card or a UR card, and the UR shiny primals were relatively common. I opened 8 boxes of XY7 upon release and pulled 4 shiny primals. From XY8-XY12, rates again seemed to be slightly above 50% for SR cards and 1 in 10ish for UR.


Thank you for the reply I really appreciate it! 1 in 2 boxes for a single SR is pretty insane now for someone in the market for a bw box, I’m seeing prices between £500-1200! That’s just for 1st edition, unlimiteds must be even harder to find.