Japanese sleeves

Does anyone have Japanese sleeves for trade or sale?

I am looking for clear, oversized sleeves so that you can put a card inside a pokemon sleeve then inside another sleeve. It protects the nice collectible pokemon artworked sleeves. And fits just right (not too tight or too loose).

Also, I am interested in trading for or maybe buying Japanese pokemon sleeves, but I don’t like the inflated prices on ebay. So if you have any of these or can get them because you live in Japan, please let me know.

Ultra Pro “Thick” sleeves are bigger than the normal penny sleeves.

There are specific sleeves I am wanting, they are Japanese and are clear with a gold ‘edge’. I know these sleeves fit perfect, and have yet to see the ultra pro thick or larger sized sleeves in person (so I don’t know how they fit). I think they are called game king sleeves or made by king games, I have to ask my friend who makes them next time I see him at pokemon league (he has these sleeves).