Sleeve sizes

Just wondering what size Pokemon cards use for penny sleeves? The ones the stores around here sell are too big (used for Magic and Yu-gi-oh I think), and also don’t fit in a 9 pocket binder page. They are size 3 5/8 x 2 5/8. I have also searched online for the sizes and the number mentioned before keeps popping up. Can anyone give me a proper size on sleeves?

MTG cards are roughly the same size as pokemon from what I remember and yugioh cards are smaller. I would try these sleeves:

They should fit in a binder nicely.

Thanks. These look perfect, I ordered about 500. Should do me for a little bit.

No problem! :blush: I’m going to order some of those as well once my new binders come in.

I just got them today and they are perfect. They are a super tight fit, like there is less than a MM of room left. A lot of times pushing in the card takes a lot of force, almost end up bending it. Have to take it by the sides and slowly slide it in. And the only problem is once you put a card in these sleeves, you’ll struggle to get them out.

LOL, still they are awesome and slide in my binder pages with no problems. Can even fit two sleeved cards in one 9 page pocket, couldn’t do that with the other ones. Also no more caring about dirty binder pages! Woo.

Hahaha I’m glad they worked out well for you! :blush:

I use the KMC Perfect Size sleeves, dont cost much and they fit just perfect for pokemon cards! (as the name implies ;D ) they also fit into UltraPro binders which I use, and should fit into all the other ones too.