Penny Sleeves

So I’ve finally figured out how I want to organize my collection (yay!) and it involves putting every card, holo or common, in a sleeve (no!). This leads me to two questions:

  1. What kind of penny sleeves fit best in ultra pro 9-pocket pages? I’d assume Ultra Pro sleeves, but I was wondering what a good alternative would be that could possibly be cheaper and still work the same.

  2. Where can I buy roughly 15,000 penny sleeves for cheap? I found an eBay listing of a case of 10,000 for $54, but I feel like I can get them even cheaper somewhere else :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks to anyone who can help!

Let me know if you find penny sleeves that fit nicely in those. I’ve switched to black UltraPro sleeves with transparent faces because they were the cheapest option that fit very nicely.

I buy in bulk, so 3,000 is about $130. Obviously much more than penny sleeves, but still cost effective for me.

I just pulled out some BCW penny sleeves my dad has extra of. They are the same measurement as the standard UltraPro penny sleeves, and, going off of eBay prices, seem to be cheaper than Ultra Pro penny sleeves.

I just tested them and they seem to fit nicely in the Ultra Pro 9-pocket pages, whether you sleeve your cards right-side up or upside down.

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My UlraPro penny sleeves don’t feel right in the pages.
So I’ll just stick with these:

Same here! I used to have both-way-transparent UltraPro sleeves but they always slided to the middle when I put them into my UltraPro Premium binder so I replaced them with these since they have a rougher back so that the cards stay in their place.

I use these to color-code all my ultra rares :stuck_out_tongue:

writing in English obviously takes to long for me :slight_smile:

Those have an opaque face to them. I don’t like losing a lick of color when I’m flipping through my binders. Haha.

google translate just killed your whole sentence LOL! I just wanted to know what opaque means and got something like you don’t like bleaching colours and mirrors haha! funny side note :blush:

Opaque means that the face is not completely see through.

yeah got it now^^ thank you

Of course. You are more than welcome. I’ll gladly rephrase anything that doesn’t make sense. I find the lingual and cultural diversity on this forum enthralling.

I bought an ultra-pro pro binder (9 pocket) and I’m very happy with it, but I didn’t want to put cards in it without further protection. Up until this point, I have been sleeving the cards in ultra-pro penny sleeves first, but I’ve been concerned about the way my cards have moved within them and how the sleeves have moved themselves in the binder.

A couple of days ago I got a couple of Neo Premium cards in the mail that were sent in ultra-pro deck protectors, so I experimented with putting them in the sleeves and then into the binder. One of them fit snugly into the penny sleeve and it solved the problem of movement in the binder. The other deck protector (it had a Riolu on the back) didn’t fit the sleeve at all. I want to buy some more so all my cards will be double sleeved, but I don’t know which ultra-pro deck protectors are the ones that will fit. Does anyone have an idea?

The ones I linked in my earlier post will fit snugly and be transparent in the front. I strongly suggest those and believe them to be what you are referring to. They are cheap in bulk too.

Thanks a lot. I’ll pick some up.

Honestly, I would suggest you getting an Ultra-Pro Premium binder. All sleeves work in that well.
Either that, or a Monster binder.

Get the Ultra-Pro premium if you want to try those binders. They are hands down safer. If you like them, get Monster. Ultra-Pro are cheaper, so start with that and see how you like it first.

But I like the regular binders for my master sets more. I don’t like having a defined number of pages in the binder.

I looked at both the Premium and Monster binders and they look cool but I don’t think it’s enough for me to replace the one I have at the moment. I got 100 of those deck-protectors you recommended and they fit really well. Card into protector, protector into penny sleeve, sleeve into binder. The cards feel more secure in the pages and seem to be more cushioned. Cheers for the help.

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