Sleeves to put into binders

What are the best penny sleeves to put into binders?

Someone recommended KMC Perfect Fit sleeves… they seem a bit expensive for penny sleeves and I can only see them sold from the US…

Anyone got other recommendations? (And what size am I supposed to buy? I always get this wrong!)

That actually interests me too. I have some many sleeves from purchased cards, and only about half of them fit into binders.

What’s the size though I should be going for? I have boxes of the sleeves (and yeah, I changed my sleeves actuallly as I noticed the non Ulta-Pro ones were so much worse).

Bought some Ultra-Pro sleeves but they are way too big for the binders - must’ve got the wrong thing!

Yeah, the sleeves :blush:

i used the ultra pro penny sleeves but the only bad part is that some dont fit into the pages and some do.though it seems the older versions fit more better

Okay so the ones I’ve been using don’t fit in 9-card binder pages. The ones that uses are 2-1/2 inches wide, the ones I bought are 2-5/8 inches wide. So please note that if you want your sleeved cards to go into 9-card binder pages order sleeves with 2-1/2 inch width. I just order 1500 of them! I can’t wait for them!

LOL, I finally got my hands on the ones that uses. I’ve warmed to them. I didn’t like the fact that there is space at the top at first, but now I see that they actually protect the cards better, and they do fit snugly in the pages.