Japanese no rarity symbol?

Hi guys.

I’ve bought a few Japanese booster packs recently and I cannot seem to find anything about how to tell the packs apart from cards with the symbol and the cards without. Is there an actual way or is it just random?



There is no way to tell between the packs, the likelihood that you have a No Rarity pack is astronomically low because they were (supposedly) only sold for 2 weeks before physically being pulled from the shelves.

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theirs no way of knowing with the packs as it is presumed these came in the 1st run of the theme decks which got called back after a certain period and the 2nd run started to have the rarity symbols.


Ahh thank you for that :blush:

Had no idea it was for a limited amount of time.

Didn’t someone on the forum have a little theory with it being to do with long or short top packs? Maybe @linkdu83 or @darkrai though it might be neither who knows haha.

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Would love to hear this theory :blush:

So to know the truth, darkrai have to open a short pack :nerd_face:


Do it brah we must all know if this is the thing. Only 1 Pack you must open der.

Tbf I would really like to know if it’s true, anyone who has opened up a jp booster box has it always been long packs inside? Imagine finding a whole box full of these… 60 mint no rarity holos you would only need like 2 or 3 tens for the price of the whole box to be covered based kn the price that psa 10 no rarity mewtwo Syuju currently has on sale.

A no rarity sealed box I could see fetching as much as a first edition english base box.

It’s a common misconception that Japanese Base Packs had a holo in each and every one of them, it’s a 1/3 rate like in English packs.

The 60 card decks had a guaranteed 1 holo in it, however.


Ah right, which jp sets had 1 holo per pack then?

Neo sets at least if I´m not mistaken.

Knowing if a short pack had NR would be VERY valuable information.

You should put a pack up on eBay and I bet it would go viral lol. But, after someone won it for 1000.00 would they tell the world they were NR? Should they? Would you?

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Reminds me of the mid 1980s when Geraldo Rivera televised the opening of gangster Al Capones underground vault.
Do you know what they found? I provided a link below you can follow to find out;)


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No let’s be selfish

I would definitely tell people, but not after hoarding about 3 sealed boxes, because you know after its revealed those prices are going to sky-rocket. Not to mention people will be busting open more boxes to see if they have the short packs so that would contribute even more into the rising prices.

The main reason I would tell the world if its true is because you know more short packs will come out of the wood works if people knew that (or maybe they already do). Its just seems impossible to find any.

Either way, if Darkrai opens them or not I respect his decision. Sometimes its more fun to ponder a mystery

See my Capone link above;)

Darkrai is selfish because he may wait a year to open one or put it on the market to make a profit???

Not how I ment it
ment only this community should know xD