Japanese No Rarity Gyarados in Rough Condition: Buy Or No?

So I got in contact with someone selling a No Rarity Gyarados (not from this forum). Here’s the picture:

So, I have almost no knowledge of how much these are worth, I only know they’re wicked hard to come by. The individual is asking for 75 dollars for this card so I figured I’d ask you guys.

Should I pass or should I take it?

Seems like a lot to ask when there are surely better copies that will crop up.

Jup, probably better ones up for grabs for that price

Hmm, what would you say the price range is on this? I would refer to ebay but it seems that the prices are fluctuated depending on the pokemon, last no-rarity Gyarados sold for 99 cents (freaking lucky bastard) on bid so it’s hard to say based off that. :dizzy_face:

$75 is far too much in not too good condition,I think $75 would be the price for one in near mint.If you realy want it I would go for $30max.As you said the price range is all over the place,I saw a psa 6 magneton for $50 on ebay a few month back.Cant believe one went for 99c you must be gutted!

I was so sad when I saw that too. It was bidded on TWICE! I don’t think people understood what they were going after. :dizzy_face:

I have only seen a few holos on ebay from the no rarity base set.A lot of people dont know about that set still,I only found out from this forum,I allways check every listing from ebay for japanese base set hopping to find one :slight_smile: