Shining Japanese Gyarados

I’m looking to sell my Japanese mint condition shining gyarados from neo revelation here is the link to my ebay listing

Please avoid putting your thread titles in capitals, because that gives every title a chance to grab your attention on equal terms. Not a big deal, but don’t want to change a load of them!

Also, change the condition of your card from “Used”. Just because you owned the card doesn’t make it used, if its still in mint condition.

I would say $70 is a lot but not obscenely so… let’s see if you get any bites. Good luck!

Ok sorry didn’t realize that…and thank you for the advice…how much would you think would be more reasonable if that doesn’t get any bites??

I don’t know :slightly_frowning_face:

I usually go by gut instinct. So many people put cards up with ridiculous prices and I would immediately think “yeah, right, who’s gonna pay that?”. I didn’t think that here, but it does seem a bit high. Would you be willing to come down to $50? That seems nearer the mark.

If you don’t mind leaving it there for a while, you never know and someone might really desperately want it. I know Reina is a huge Gyarados fan, maybe get her views on it too.

are you looking for that card??? lol

so do you think 60 is even a little high?

how popular is the card?

is there such a thing as 1st Ed Japanese neo revelation cards…were they even produced? cause I can’t find anything from neo in japanese first edition online…

the original japanese cards base set to neo never did come in 1st edition only in america did it come in 1st edition.then later on during expedition japan started doing 1st edition cards and america stopped it with expedition.but for the shining gyarados 60 is abit high for the card since like reina said there is one for 80 and it never sold.the last shining gyarados sold for just 30 dollars and one was sold for 21.

legends you said the last shining gyarados sold for 30 dollars are you sure thats not the english version???

someone gave me an offer for 50 so you guys are saying that is the best I’ll get?

Go for it I say. If you think that eventually someone will give you a better offer, fine, but how long are you willing to wait?

Alright thanks I actually got the guy to buy it for 55 thanks you guys :blush:

yea the last one i saw went to 30 that was like months ago though and it was in japanese not english.but how much u got it for is pretty much worth about the same price it would nearly go for