Awakening Legends Shining Gyarados Price for "Excellent?"

So the one card I want for my collection more than anything (besides, obviously, the Snap Gyarados), is Awakening Legends Shining Gyarados to go with my favorite English version.

Currently I have an offer for one for about 80 USD, but it’s in “Excellent Condition” with some sticky residue on the back, though it’s not noticeable.

I know these were harder to get in Japan than the English version, but there’s very little to go on in terms of references for acceptable prices.

So could anyone provide any kind of price guide on this? I’ve wanted one for several years now. :dizzy_face:

I would pass.

It isn’t hard to find a NM+/M copy on Y!J for 8,000 to 10,000 JPY which is far more worth it IMO. :blush:

As a reference I sold several of these in flawless condition for $110-120.

Do you… Do you have anymore? ; - ;

Also, thank you for that reference. I almost went with it just to say I can stop trying to get it, but you just put things into perspective. I don’t just want an “Excellent” one. I want a Mint or close to Mint as one can be. :dizzy_face: At least in appearance.

I sold them both but I can keep an eye out for more. :blush:

Did you check Y!J auctions?

Actually, I’m in the process as of right now to bid on one. :stuck_out_tongue: Wish me luck!

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good luck!