Price check: japanese base no rarity venusaur

Doesn’t feel like there’s enough recent ebay data on these in various conditions. How much should I expect to pay for one in the following conditions:

Ungraded in rough shape
Ungraded in good shape

I believe there is a thread for no rarity zards somewhere. You could perhaps check that thread, maybe they talked about it. At least those people in the thread would be the right ones to ask.

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oh thanks ill take a look!

Just noting that there’s a rather large premium for a PSA graded copy since they have stopped accepting submissions of Venusaur (and Raichu, due to them having card # errors).

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As pointed out, a PSA graded copy of those two cards carries a premium that equates to a multiple of the other holos (except zard). I would think the multiple could be anywhere from 2-4x (or more) the price of the typical holo of the same grade. So a raw copy, BGS or CGC would be a better deal

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There are plenty of raw PSA 4-7 condition copies available on Japanese auction sites, along with raw Zards. Last raw Zard in 7-8 condition went for a little over $14k

yeah i saw the thread on no more PSA for Venusaur, so Im definitely open to an ungraded copy/BGS/CGC etc I just assumed people generally talk in PSA here. tell me about these Japanese auction sites!!

I believe PSA doesn’t grade this card anymore, so good luck finding one graded. Good hunt!

I purchased a raw one (likely 6) last month for $350. I likely overpaid (imo) but I really wanted one.

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Adding to this does anyone have a good idea of what a fair market price for an upgraded fair condition alakazam? Seeing some for 500 is that too much?

Are you willing to pay that?

No rarities in fair condition (6-8) are selling around 400-500$ On yahoo so I think it is the current prices for them including Alakazam.

thanks for pointing me in the direction of these Japanese auctions. still havent found one there yet, but having more options definitely helps!