Japanese eeveelution gold star cards! YESSS

Finally just got the gold star flareon. They all they nice together.
Finding that gold star power keepers 1st edition flareon was hard though!!

The jolteon* is also a 1st edition power keepers wc.

The espeon and a players promo.

The vaporeon is also a players promo.

Minty freshh just they way i like em :wink:

These are so nice! Congrats!!

Thank you ! ;D

Wow, you take such beautiful pictures! You always manage to capture the most of the holograph - it’s simply stunning. Congrats on such beautiful pictures of such amazing cards :blush:

It’s definitely true that you always nail the holographic part of your photos.

Stunning photos, and congrats! :grin:

Thank you! :blush:

That is quite the picture wow

I know right… :open_mouth:

Just need to get PLAY Jolteon and Flareon at PSA 10 and it would be perfect.

I got goosebumps looking at that picture. :tada: