Japanese bulk?

I bought a huge lot mostly for the english stuff and now have about 3,000 japanese cards ranging from base set to expedition sitting in front of me. I’m just curious if there’s a market for japanese bulk similar to English bulk? Also are there any cards that I should sift through and try to find? I’m completely clueless on japanese cards unless its trophies or Misty’s tears and I already pulled all of the misty’s tears out. Thanks in advance for any info!

Check whether all the base set cards have rarity symbols. Otherwise maybe sort them by set and see if you can make some complete common+uncommon subsets. But overall the value is probably not very high.


What @scarecrowman88 said… if you have the base set cards, look at the bottom right to make sure if their is a symbol, if no symbol, keep em/sell them!

Also check for those unlimited expedition :wink: if you have any I’ll buy em off ya for a great price


If the cards are near mint+ I’d potentially be interested in some. Looking for a few for a binder set:

List click here

Pokemon Set
Butterfree Pokémon Jungle
Pidgeot Pokémon Jungle
Jigglypuff Pokémon Jungle
Persian Pokémon Jungle
Mankey Pokémon Jungle
Primeape Pokémon Jungle
Bellsprout Pokémon Jungle
Weepinbell Pokémon Jungle
Exeggutor Pokémon Jungle
Rhydon Pokémon Jungle
Goldeen Pokémon Jungle
Seaking Pokémon Jungle
Pinsir Pokémon Jungle
Tauros Pokémon Jungle
Eevee Pokémon Jungle
Vaporeon Pokémon Jungle
Jolteon Pokémon Jungle
Flareon Pokémon Jungle
Golbat Mystery of the Fossils
Tentacool Mystery of the Fossils
Graveler Mystery of the Fossils
Cloyster Mystery of the Fossils
Kingler Mystery of the Fossils
Dragonite Mystery of the Fossils
Charmander Rocket Gang
Dark Wartortle Rocket Gang
Oddish Rocket Gang
Dark Gloom Rocket Gang
Dark Vileplume Rocket Gang
Dark Dugtrio Rocket Gang
Dark Kadabra Rocket Gang
Dark Rapidash Rocket Gang
Grimer Rocket Gang
Dark Muk Rocket Gang
Drowzee Rocket Gang
Magikarp Rocket Gang
Dark Gyarados Rocket Gang
Dratini Rocket Gang
Challenge! Rocket Gang
Squirtle Vending S1
Jynx Vending S2
Kabuto Vending S2
s Pikachu Pokémon 2nd Anniversary Calendar
Meowth CoroCoro Comics
Mankey Natta Wake 1
Meowth Intro Pack
Growlithe Intro Pack
Arcanine Intro Pack
Cleffa Gold, Silver, to a New World…
Sunflora Gold, Silver, to a New World…
Igglybuff Entei Movie promo
Sunkern Natta Wake 4
Paras Awakening Legends
Light Vaporeon Darkness, and to Light…
Jumpluff Awakening Legends
Slugma Awakening Legends
Mareep Darkness, and to Light…
Dark Flaaffy Darkness, and to Light…
Dark Ampharos Darkness, and to Light…
Swinub Darkness, and to Light…
Dark Houndoom Darkness, and to Light…
Geodude Intro Pack ★Neo
Chikorita Intro Pack ★Neo
Bayleef Intro Pack ★Neo
Quilava Intro Pack ★Neo
Skarmory Intro Pack ★Neo
Magby Intro Pack ★Neo
Hoppip Natta Wake 5
Will’s Slowbro Pokémon VS
Will’s Espeon Pokémon VS
Dragonair Base Expansion Pack
Dragonite Base Expansion Pack

If you’re interested in searching through the cards I’d be willing to pay much higher than a bulk rate. It is a lot of work though so I totally understand if you’d not want to be bothered.

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I’ve got time to kill so I’ll go through them tonight and see if I have what you need. It’s mostly commons and uncommons but I’ll see what I can do!

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You honestly had me for a solid 60 seconds until I realized what you were talking about lol I didn’t know they were all “1st edition” lol

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Although the Base Expansion Pack (E1) is supposed to be a 1st Edition only set, there are actually a couple of known exceptions (Clefairy 28/128, Meowth 029/128, Charizard 071/128, Pichu 082/128, Mewtwo 086/128) and possible others out there.


That’s interesting! I’ll keep an eye out for those then! Thank you!

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I would appreciate it!

There are a few cards that you can look out for. You mentioned the Misty’s Tears, and there are some other cards that were changed from Japanese to English that go for a couple bucks in our market. One that comes to mind is the Koga’s Ninja Trick that had the backwards swastika on it. That goes for about $10.

There are some minor ones such as the moomoo milk from Neo 1 that goes for $3 but that’s nothing too crazy.

Thanks I’ll look for those! I know the grimer from rocket was changed too. Is that one worth anything more than bulk?

That one might go for a small price but it isn’t significantly more than bulk due to only changing the two dots of the eyes. The other three (Misty’s tears, Ninja Trick, Moomoo milk) go for significantly more than bulk because the entire art was changed instead of a small aspect of the art that is hard to notice.

hope this helps!

Thank you it helps a ton!