Isihara GX $50,000 sale

After looking at the thread for pokemon holygrails, I thought I would check ebay highest sold listing. I saw that Isihara GX psa 10 went for 50k, I’m not suprised by this, but you would think people would be talking about this. 50k is quite high for a modern card and really shows the health of pokemon.

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Even if this is rare, its horrible af haha

Also it would be a debate if a new card could be a holy grail, cos it has 0 history on the hobby

You think so? I really like it! His damage is a liiiitle high tho haha

I dont enjoy staring ai it at all haha

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It’s not my cup of tea either.

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How many of you have your own card? Ishihara don’t care.


Great example of how irrelevant individual feelings are in relation to the overall market reality! A good chunk of people dislike this card, and yet its sold for 5 figures, even before this sale.


It’s beautiful in its own way.

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How many copies awarded?

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IMO, definitely reasonable for a card like that. What it really shows is the importance of having a unique story behind the card and being genuinely rare. Very few other cards have that. This is the type of card that you can show friends, tell them the story behind the card and they will be impressed that you have it. People love having stuff like that. This is the same reason people spend millions on top-tier paintings. It is just oil on canvas but the story of the painting, the rarity (only 1 exists), and the historical provenance is what drives people to spend millions on it. Collectible items are no different.

Also collector’s cache did a youtube video for this item. Only 300 views so I am assuming most didn’t see it:

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From what I’ve heard in another thread here on the forum a few months back: one to Ishihara himself, and about 30 to other employees. Although the two sold thus far are most likely extra copies.

Also, I’m less concerned about this one, but more concerned about his 61st birthday card, which is a Pikachu I’d need for my collection if I ever want to fully complete it. :slightly_smiling_face:



Lol, and that pika is a pop 1?

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I hope not, haha. :wink: Tbh, I don’t think any card is truly pop 1, since there are always extra copies printed (although they might not always survive).


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I can’t wait until this card hits the marked. The art on that card looks sick. Anyone know who the illustrator of the art is? Arita?

All the RR Tag Team GX cards are illustrated by Arita, this one too!


I didn’t know that, I guess they all share a similar style

*Most of the RR Tag Team GX cards are illustrated by Arita…the only two others that have been illustrated by other artists are Solgaleo & Lunala-GX (Hideki Ishikawa) and Reshiram & Zekrom-GX (Naoki Saito) out of Cosmic Eclipse. Despite these artworks looking pretty cool, I wish Arita got to claim all the Tag Team Pokémon art as his own.

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This is for real? wow…