Is this sheet legit?

Wanted to get everyone’s opinion on this particular item.

It makes me question if it is legit or not for a couple of reasons.

1 - The sheet contains, shadowless, shadowed, and 1st edition jungle all in the space of 2 rows of 4.
2 - The sheet isn’t printed as a 2 by 4 [at least 11x11]
3 - The colour bar is located on the right side of a normal sheet. From what I can tell, the black bars down the bottom are wrong?
4 - Its listed by a seller who is attempting to mislead others with the Staff Charizard listing [see their other times].
5 - The bidding


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Fake as fuck mate.


Looks fake to me.

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yep fake, the ‘holos’ aren’t even holo lol they’re just printed like the crappy evolutions fakes today

this was originally sold by some lady who said she picked it up at an arts and crafts store if i remember right. trust the scum bag rhea to be the one to buy it and try resell…

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Just the seller is enough to avoid.


That description is verbal diarrhea0098.


Absolutely no real reason for me to chime in as everyone has said it, but why not. Fake and if I see Rhea, nope nope nope.

Man, people are bidding on it too. Hope those are shill bids.

I always wonder about that. You’d think people who are interested in these kinds of things would be pretty serious collectors who would know what they’re doing. This isn’t sonething I see little timmy buying with his birthday money lol.


The Charizards are included, that is what they are bidding on. But he lists them as “GEM MINT” when, in fact, they aren’t even close. Typical listing from this seller.



Confirmed what I was thinking - thank you all :blush:

Professional collector in this expertise for 12+ years now.
Put it this way.
I aint getting it. Does that answer you?

Also that exact one sold for about $100 earlier this year.
Just like a scammer to include some things real to boost up the sale of a over hyped fake.

Put it this way any sheet (that matters) that has less than 100 cards is either fake or been tampered with. (some exceptions apply, however those exceptions are on a need to know basis. Even then in most cases the “exception” was later found out to be tampered with)
Usually legit sheets with less than 100 cards are “marketing sheets” for the company to make money ie burgerking or topps where they were printed to print money but the collection itself has no integrity.
Put it this way TCG should always be in the triple digit number when it comes to quantity of cards or at least a certain size proving the authenticity to be more valid.

But i like to judge on a case by case basis as it has been proven there is no one size fits formula. Especially when its cards being printed on a global scale for 20+ years.