Is this a real or fake Latias Gold Star?

Hi, I would like to know if this is a real one. Afaik, it seems to be legit. Also, if I would grade it, what is the most reasonable grade it would get? Ty!

This is the back.

Doesn’t look like a fake to me, at least it’s not too obvious I think. Maybe PSA 3? I don’t know how to judge this condition properly haha.

I agree with Antonio, looks real to me

It’s real. Grade is going to be low – probably a 5 max.


Yea it looks real (I’d be surprised if someone wore out a fake one to that degree!). Considering the peeling on the front-left edge and the deep scratches, I’d probably expect either a PSA 2 or 3.


Looks real from the pictures, I don’t see any red flags. That doesn’t mean it’s 100% real of course, that can really only be verified in person. I’d expect a grade 3 +/- out of this one due to the moderate peeling. Great card however — can’t go wrong with a gold star!

Ty for all the answers! If anyone else want to give his opinion, I’ll appreciate it :raised_hands:


It seems to be legit imo, for the grade i would say between 3 and 5.