Will PSA grade this card?

I have a Rayquaza gold star, that is opening on the edges.

How will PSA grade this, or will they grade it?

Should i try to just grade it authentic?

psa will prob grade it ya

Maybe peel it there could be a ditto underneath. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately it’s a toss up and depends on the grader upon arrival. One grader could grade it into consideration, another could say it’s trimmed and just send it back as No Grade - No Holder. An alternative would be presenting the card to them directly at a show, like at the National Sports Collectors Convention.


I love ditto, so that would be great, can’t be many peeled from that card if so

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If they graded this, they’ll grade that lol

If I ever graded a 1 I’d go with authentic over poor everytime.

Yeah, I bought this card because it was funny. I do like the 1 though, it’s interesting when you see a PSA 1-3 and they look decent on the front with maybe a big crease. This should be the baseline of a 1

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Will psa grade the stick? Lmao.