Gold star mew - potential grade?

Hi all - new to efour and more serious collecting in general but have been a longtime pokemon fan!

Trying to understand more about grading - to that end, what do you all think this mew gold star would grade? Card went straight from pack to sleeve so should be pretty clean overall. I’ve taken pictures of the card under bright light at certain angles to magnify any damage / imperfections I’ve noticed - the card seems to otherwise not have issues.

Also, would print lines affect the card’s grade (vertical print line near mew’s larger foot)?

Would really appreciate your thoughts - thanks!


Hard to say since you are at the mercy of the grader, but given the whitening and print lines, I would say a PSA 7


Agree PSA 7-8 based on whitening, centering, print line


I would hope for a 9, expect an 8, and be slightly disappointed when it comes back a 7.


This particular copy has basically zero chance at a 9 due to backside whitening

Awesome thanks for the input all! Good to know that print lines and centering seem to matter a good amount besides just damage.

From a value perspective, would it make sense to grade this assuming a 7-8 or better to leave ungraded? Not necessarily looking to sell but just trying to understand how people decide whether to grade

That’s why I said it would get a 7. I know there are a lot of realists on the forum, myself included, but there is nothing wrong with having a little hope every now and then.

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8/9 imo

Corners, Fucked. Print line, SUCCULENT. 7-8 imo

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Agreed with others here: PSA 7-8.

This type of corner curling is typical of PSA 7s. Not as bad as a dent that would auto-grade it to a PSA 6. If you’re lucky, PSA 8. No chance at a PSA 9.

6 to 9. Its a good card. Id grade it. Feel amazing if it hits 9. Feel bad if it hits 6. Pleased at 7/8.

A.P. is the only one with the correct answer. Absolutely possible to get a 9, even would say it’s a 50/50 shot. Some people think achieving a 9 is that hard. It’s not.


That part is up to you, recent sales hold the PSA 7 at $6-750. If you arent looking to sell it you can decide to grade it based on your preference.

Most here have cards they dont plan on selling but still grade them, and everyone here that does plan on selling would grade it

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I haven’t ruled out a 9 it’s in my range. Top end. Its achievable like you’ve said.

This is the last sold psa 9 on pwcc.
Gives you some idea.
A 9 isn’t impossible.

Yea I personally think it can go 8/9.


Are we agreeing? Lol. Nothing is ruled out it’s just 1 to 5 and 10 are highly unlikely but run the grading over and over and you’ll hit some.

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That curling at the edge is tough. I’m just a casual but I think a PSA 6-7.

Interesting, there is quite a bit of whitening on that PSA 9. It sounds like the print line and centering would probably affect the grade on mine though as well.

I tried to show as much damage as possible on mine in the original pictures but the back looks pretty decent under normal lighting instead of blasting it under crazy bright light at the perfect angles lol

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I don’t see it getting below an 8 or above a 9. :slight_smile:

Nice card.