Is this Gold Star Charizard worth a regrade?

I was looking through my cards the other day and realized this Charizard is a VERY strong 9. I bought it off eBay around when it came out and graded it a few years back, so I didn’t overanalyze the 9 it received too much; this was when I was brand new to PSA - the Charizard was actually part of the first set of cards I sent in for grading. However, years have passed, and I have to say I have 10s that look exactly like this card. The biggest flaw is a white speck on the back top left corner, but I have 10s with minor white specks. I’ve never bothered to regrade a card before, but since this could be thousands of dollars of value difference, I’m coming to efour for help! I’m also considering BGS – if the corners get a 9, I think there’s a good chance the card overall would get a 9.5, no?

I made the pictures into an imgur album:

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

To add since people have mentioned: there’s no holo damage. And I don’t plan to sell this card if it gets a 10, I’ve always wanted a 10 copy for my personal collection and it would be much cheaper to have this regraded than to sell a 9 and buy a 10.

It looks pretty good from here… are there any holo scratches or imperfections on the holo?

It’s a gamble. It just looks like a solid 9 to me, but I’m super picky about the condition of my cards. lol

As for BGS 9.5, that would be more likely. I don’t know how much of a premium it would bring though.

I would say 9.
Besides i’m not a fan of regrading unless the card REALLY deserves a 10

To those of you saying it looks like a solid 9, can you tell the rest of us what you’re docking a point for? Also wondering what makes a card REALLY deserve a 10? Input like that would be helpful to OP and others without an official opinion but genuine interest. Thanks!

If you really believe that this card has a shot at receiving a 10; I say go for it!

PSA offers a Review Service for situations exactly like this - they’re human and make mistakes once in awhile after-all. This service in itself isn’t “bad” like many people make it out to be; however, it’s gotten a bad reputation overtime with the “flippers” submitting the same card 3, 4, 5… times just hoping that PSA will slip-up and mis-grade for the upgrade. Submitting this card for a single review would be a GREAT IDEA IMO! If it comes back a 9; you won’t have that doubt anymore - and who knows, you might just get lucky!

I don’t think anyone says it doesn’t have a chance at getting a 10, but to be fair most of my 9s look like the card OP posted and it never really crossed my mind to crack them open and send them to PSA which is basically the only way to have a decent shot at getting a 10. @oldskoolpokemon The regraders you speak of don’t use the review service.

You’re free to give it a shot OP, but all I can say is the only reason you come across a lot of weak 10s on the market is because of the regrading flippers…

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Why do you think it deserves a 10? I think I see something on the holo, some scratch or something? You should recheck that, and there’s quite some minor whitening going on on the back. Not saying it doesn’t deserve a 10, but it’s been given a 9, so I’m inclined to say that it is worthy of a 9.

White speck… I also see some minor wear on the top edge. It’s a solid 9.

I say keep it or send it to BGS if you like the cases better.

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Thanks for your input everyone! I checked and there’s no holo scratches. Just fyi I’m definitely not trying to “flip” the card if it gets a 10, I’m actually planning to buy a 10 copy for my collection and it would obviously be cheaper to have this regraded than to sell it and buy a 10.

I’ve seen worse 10s

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based on the recent 10s floating around i’d say regrade it and make some money

My understanding about PSA is since they are based in sports, they are very particular about corners. Since sports cards tend to be square, the corners are the first thing to accumulate damage.

this is 1 reason why people don’t bid on PWCC auctions because they don’t provide high res pictures.

if you have a weak 10 & try to sell it, you’re gonna have a very bad time.

it’s a lose/lose situtation

This is similar to the adverse selection/lemons problem.

In the end, buyers will only pay the average of a strong grade and weak grade resulting in lowered final auction price, thus discouraging owners of strong 10s from selling their copies because they would lose out in the market(PWCC) due to the quality of their card being greater than the expected return of the market. This will cause the market to only have lemons (weak grades) for sale. This could be the reason why PWCC is earning lower prices than they used to.

Sorry for that. This is exactly the same theory I’m learning in one of my modules.