Gold Star Rayquaza PSA 10 question for you experts!

Hi Everyone!

First, I just wanted to say that I’m so glad I stumbled upon E4 via smpratte’s youtube channel! This is such an amazing community and I’ve learned so much from reading all of the informative threads!

I recently purchased a PSA 10 Gold Star Rayquaza off Ebay - I’m just concerned that it didn’t really deserve a 10? Am I just imagining the whitening on the corners and indentation on the top right?

I wish I had come to the forum sooner and read joetehman’s post on Ebay buying tips - this could be a really expensive lesson for me to learn.

Thank you all in advance!

You’re not imagining things because I definitely see some edge wear. That top right corner isn’t good. Not sure I’d call it an indent though. Idk if PSA missed the damage or what but that would be a weak 9 in my book. Still a legendary card to own either way.

Edit: you can always try for a return on ebay or even contact PSA about.

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wow, sorry to say but that thing is ugly, it looks like a weak 9 imo

This is one thing im confused about in Pokemon cards. A lot of people get cards professionally graded to ensure their customers get what they pay for. With PSA and BGS, it is 100% impossible to take a card out and switch it without damaging the case ( I know that is not in question here, but ive seen it on this forum and others )

With sports card, once a card is hard slabbed, it is what the grade says it is. It shows you ( on BGS anyways ) how the card got its final grade, and where the card got knocked on points because it shows the Centering, Edges, Corners and Surface. With BGS, a perfect sub grade can lift up a not so perfect one. Therefore, 3X 9.5 sub grades can lift up a 1X 9 sub grade to make the card an over BGS 9.5. On rarer occasions, pristine 2X 10 sub grades can lift up 2X 9 sub grades to again give the card an overall 9.5 rating.

With PSA unfortunately, it does not show you why a card got the grade it got. I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to grading Pokemon cards or with PSA, as I have only submitted sports cards through Beckett, but is it a possibility that the card is 100% flawless in the other areas of grading, to boost up the “9” corners to make it an overall grade of 10? The corners do look weak to be a Gem Mint card, but seeing as PSA does not have a Pristine label ( Black Label BGS ) nor does it have a 9.5 overall grade, could the overall card be a weak 10?

Send it in to PSA and ask for a review/explanation. If they deem it a mistake you can supply proof of what you paid and show the 9 value and they’ll reimburse you the difference.

Could be. Like BGS allows a weak 9 sub grade in their gem mint encasements,

Very unfortunate indeed, but like what the guys said you could always send it back for a review.