PSA Grading-curious about the parameters of a 9 or 10 grade

I was looking over a few of the gold stars i have and one of the 9s caught my eyes because it didn’t not look close to a 9 lol… (I’m not complaining though) Just wondering how “bad” can a card be to get a certain grade… if that makes sense.

Oh my gosh. That HAS to be tampered with.


I know right… lol but the case looks to be intact… so if it was idk how .

I have a card that is similar. It is a Celebi Ex Player’s Promo graded 9, but it has light edge wear around all of the edges that should mark it down further…

well, i just bought a replacement 9 so its all good lol

That’s not a weak 9.

That’s just not a 9.

I don’t even understand how this is possible.

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maybe psa was feeling generous that day lol

I would return that to the seller that gave me that immediately.

This kind of thing should not happen with"professional" graders.

its been too long for me to do that i think, but its still a 9 so I will most likely sell it at a low price because I purchased a replacement one.

im not going to do that :blush: I purchased a few others from the seller that I’m happy with :sunglasses:

Hm interesting :blush:. I’ll look into that. Thanks!

It happened to me with my Mewtwo Star.

The card was damaged in transit or at the PSA facility and *still* received a PSA 9 (it looked like a 7).

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It is interesting how the auction which you bought this card from did not have the same photo of the back of the card. It looks like they re-used the same image for multiple gold star listings.

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wow… i didn’t even notice that o.o

Nice false advertisement. That sucks. :confused:

Yes, bags remembers correctly. PSA will make it right if they deem the card not close to the grade listed.

This mistake is not a first but really quite rare. It happens when the grader forgets to “twirl” or “double twirls”. That causes the back to get missed. This isn’t an excuse because even though millions of cards have passed through mistakes still shouldn’t happen. The ol human element rears its ugly head on occasion.

Oh boy this is bad (PSA 7 bad). This card needs to be shipped back to PSA at their expense then have them torch it and refund for the full value of the card in PSA 9 plus grading fees.


How does PSA determine values?

They just figure it’s all worth about tree fiddy.