PSA Grading-curious about the parameters of a 9 or 10 grade

We was so scared lawd have mercy i jumped up in the boat and I said ‘thomas what on erf is dat creatcha?’

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What about silver edges that show up on the border of the card when you shine light on it?
How much of it would be allowed on a card and still be a PSA 10, if at all?

A slight dot or two of edge foil, if all else was fine, might be allowed.

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Note the silvering is often the result of either wear or separation of the poor quality paper, in the case of ex-era holos. So if the edges are silver it often means the card has undergone some sort of damage and is not perfect. The grade will be affected accordingly.

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True, but some of the WOTC cards have some silver from the holo showing that are pulled directly from the pack. I remember opening a 1st Ed jungle box and some had silver showing on the side. It goes to show that pulling cards from a pack, especially the older series does not guarantee a gem mint example.

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As an English TCG collector, I can assure you I’m fairly familiar with cards coming out of pack less than gem mint. Hahaha
I’d even go so far as to say that it’s not even especially the older series. Just in general, it’s hard to pull gem mint cards form the pack for English sets.

Which is a shame. You’d think with $1.5 billion in revenue, the Pokemon Franchise could make their cards a little less trashy on the quality end. But it is what it is.

Base Set Unlimited and other WOTC era cards are bad for coming out of packs with silvering around the edges (sometimes extreme). I always assumed it was due to faulty cutting. Most score 9’s with some silvering from what I have seen, but as Gary said, a couple specks is fine on a 10 from my own experience.

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Ah alright then, but same question for scratches. How are those judged for a PSA 10?
Are one or two scratches on the holofoil acceptable for 10’s?

“Pack Scratches” will not necessarily always disqualify a card from getting a 10…though low range.

I agree and disagree as I’ve had some experience with 2 base set 2 boxes, an Legendary Collection, and few other wotc boxes I’ve opened to grade. It really depends on how much the lines effect the look of the cards. Also it’s hard for the grades to distinguish those pack scratches from other scratches. They don’t know you got it out of the pack.

What really sealed it for me was when I submitted a LC charizard (from a box) which had horizontal lines but otherwise perfect and a base set charizard. The charizard had toms of scratches and lots of whitening on the back. Both cards got a psa 8 NM MINT. My charizard was centered no whitening and only 2 to 3 perfectly perpendicular horizontal lines on the holo. They are kind d of hard to see as well. It astounded me both got an 8.

I’ll be re submitting several psa 9s and 8s from my LC box but I don’t really blame PSA I’m just confused a few times. A sub grade whether on the card or online would help me understand.

sorry to go off subject… but I was wondering if PSA offers a “replacement” case service for scratches/dings?

They do, but this usually costs $10 per card. They will place a reholder on your card for free if there was a mistake with the original (and you are prompt about getting in contact with them).

Thanks :blush:.