Is there any value in these deck boxes (GB2 Mewtwo/Gengar)?

Hey guys,

At worlds I found out that deck boxes are actually something that carry some value (as a non-player, I was oblivious to this). I started going through all the things I’ve acquired through the years and found this set of deck boxes sealed (came in a lot from Japan) and have never seen them before. What sort of value might something like this have, if any? They are really nice (ps the Mewtwo is black, and the Gengar is a deep purple).


I honestly don’t know, but I want those for my competitive standard and extended decks. 0.0

Well the GB2 Game Boy game was released in 2001, and Great Rockets Mewtwo was a promotional card included in that game. Therefore I think it’s safe to assume that these were probably from 2001ish, but there are no dates on the packaging.

They are pretty sweet, I haven’t seen those in years of collecting…

will u be selling them?

Y’all are making my life expensive. Haha

Yeah I’d be willing to let them go, I sent a couple PM’s.

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