Oldschool Pokemon playing cards - what do you think?

Hi everyone!

Recently my friend gave me a great gift - really old Pokemon playing cards.
Her brother got them by mail from his Japanese friend in early 2000/2001 (I remember I was really jelly when I was nine…)

I was wondering if they might be worth anything nowadays.
I don’t really think about selling them or something, I’m just curious :blush:

As you can see box isn’t in very good condition (but it’s not terrible condition imo), but cards are.
They were never been used to play or such things.

I was searching Ebay to find something like this but I didn’t found anything. I found just single cards from similiar set.
Here’s the link to Charizard card: click
Actually it’s very interesting because in my set there’s no charizard. Black number four (I don’t know how card symbols are called in English, sorry) is Charmeleon - you can see it below in the picture.

If you have any idea if they’re actually worth something share your thoughts with me.
I’m really curious what do you guys think! Thanks in advance.

I uploaded all pictures here: imgur.com/a/eJsdN

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a few people here might be interested in these

I have this deck :blush: :blush:
Honestly just bought it for the gym leader and Red card

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I sold a single for $27. But there doesn’t seem to be much interest in general. I think they’re quite rare though tbh. The older nintendo playing cards are really hard to find ESPECIALLY the ruby sapphire decks(there are decks for every gen). Even on YJ there’s not much of a selection

I actually like the n64 stadium playing cards way way more. I have 3/4 of those 2 of which are in the mail. The venusaur Green deck is no where to be found…

Thank you for responses guys!
As I wrote before - they’re a gift and I don’t think about selling them, unless I get the offer that’ll blow my mind, lol.

hapycakeoven - I’ve seen your collection and I’m really impressed!


Also, this is an opinion, but I think the charizard and venusaur single decks are the least rare out of the first set of decks (dw they’re still rare). The blastoise and pikachu are much harder to find (not that I’ve looked extensively) and I’m pretty sure there is a double deck as well out there. Sorry for all the posts, I’ve just been really into these playing cards as of late :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, no problem! I don’t know much about these cards so it’s really interesting for me.

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Hmmm…I have some Pokemon playing card decks around somewhere that I haven’t thought about in years. I should dig them out and see what’s up with them…

I’ve seen these decks when I was in China also. There is a silver and gold version as well. I seen an auction end not long ago, I believe it went for under $20 for a single deck.


This article ends with platinum, but there are decks for bw, bw2 and xy as well now

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Yep, I have those. Purchased them a few months ago (sorry for the crappy cell phone pic):

I found my char deck but the 3 of spades is replaced with a second 3 of clubs.
Can you check your deck and tell me who’s on the 3 of spades?

@garyis2000 - golbat

We used to sell these Our honorable president decks back when I had the toy store in Tokyo. They sold for 500 yen per deck. I always loved the artwork on the cards, but there was never much interest in them from collectors back then. We ended up selling most of them at a clearance sale for 100 yen each. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think we ALL wish we had been around to see your store back in the day. :stuck_out_tongue: It would be an official UPCCC hang out and group meeting spot. :stuck_out_tongue:

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