Is there a way a user or Ebay can remove negative feedback?

Buyer (Canada) placed order on 10th of December.
I shipped out the buyer’s items on December 13th from the U.S.
Tracking info shows the item didn’t clear customs until the 30th.
Buyer opens case on January 4th and leaves me negative feedback saying item not received before ever trying to contact me or looking at the tracking info.
I respond to the case with the tracking number which was already posted the whole time and send the buyer a message explaining the shipping ordeal and that it is out of my hands and to simply be patient as it should turn up soon.
Shipping status is updated today, the 5th, and says attempted delivery but unable to deliver due to weather. They will attempt a second delivery on the next business day.
I update the buyer and they apologize for the feedback and say they thought that was what they were supposed to do. They ask if it is possible to remove.

My question is, can or will the feedback be removed since I have done nothing wrong and the buyer wants it gone? Can Ebay remove it once the case is closed?

You should be able to.

If this was customs in Vancouver I’m not surprised at all, port cities are subject to massive delays, and the guys in Van are some of the slowest I’ve ever seen. 30 days is about my average there.

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I have gotten a couple of negatives that I didn’t agree with. If you call eBay enough times someone will remove it.

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@zap2 send them a feedback revision request. Pretty easy thing to do when you and the buyer are on the same page and both in agreement that it should be changed.


Thanks guys. I sent them a revision request and informed them about Vancouver’s customs.

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If you want it removed instantly just give them a phone call. They will always remove it. Unfortunately also for bad sellers, that’s why 100% feedback doesn’t mean much anymore…

Can you provide the link where I can just go in and change my feedback left for someone else?
I thought you could only do it via a request of the feedback receiver as /u/gottaketchumall mentioned…

@credits reddits

Pretty hard to remove feedback…
Even when you can send a feedback revision request via ebay or call them up; But some buyers are just scammers, or lazy, and didn’t read what they we’re even buying. Even when you fully reimburse them, they will leave negative, and nothing you can do.

Sometimes have to take it on the chin and move on. Even when you are in the right as there is just some scummy people out there.