Is PWCC all in USD?

I’ve never used PWCC before, but am planning on participating in this Sunday’s weekly auction. I live in Canada and I can’t seem to find specification anywhere; is everything I see on PWCC in USD? I have my address set to Canada and some sites will change prices to CAD if they know you’re in Canada, but I can’t seem to find any answers. I don’t wanna think I’m bidding in CAD and accidentally completely overshoot my limit.

Also, any fees and things a first time Canadian bidder should be aware of buying from PWCC? Thanks in advance!

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I recommend getting a vault account. The main consideration is import fees and shipping when you decide to send your spoils back to Canada


Thank you! If you have an account with PWCC, can you choose to just send items you win in auction to the PWCC vault, or is there extra steps/ sign up I would have to do? Thanks again!

This life hack for international collectors is never mentioned : reholder. Canadians get hit with 5-15% sales tax(es) + broker fee at the border. Even worse for Europeans. If you reholder your card, it will be exported to your country most of the time tax free. PWCC can send directly to grading companies with the necessary paperwork. On high value cards, this is a game changer.


Unlike eBay I recommend to put in a bid before the last couple minutes so you’re eligible to bid in extended time. When PWCC moved to their own platform I heard of a few people missing out because they waited till the last second to bid.

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yea i am in ontario so im just kinda keeping the stuff i won in the vault for the time being, it’ll be a smooth 15% HST + Brokerage and import fees + shipping. probably around $150 to get my $550 worth of cards lmao. reholdering does sound like a solid hack for cards that are expensive! think im just gonna pay it eventually since it’s only two cards, appreciate the advice tho!

Yea, I wasn’t quite sure how the extended bidding worked, but thankfully the FAQ had a fairly comprehensive explanation of the whole deal. Was a little sketchy, but I managed to win two items! Sadly, a few of the items I really wanted went above what they cost on eBay BIN before BP, so had to skip on some gems. Thanks for commenting with the advice!

Is this sales tax based on the PWCC sale? Or a PSA “sales tax”. I haven’t graded with PSA yet but I heard PSA puts a declared value of your graded cards and you can get slapped with a nasty duty fee

Best case scenario is to send the card to me, I will crack the card out of the slab, and send in a stamped envelope. Import tax evasion!

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Yea, the PWCC vault is in Oregon, where there is apparently 0% sales tax. In Ontario, there’s 13% harmonized sales tax (HST), so if I purchased the item and want to ship it in from Oregon, the government is like “hold up, you gotta pay us sales tax on this item you bought.”

I haven’t personally graded cards myself before, so I am not 100% sure how the tax/ fee situation works for graded cards coming back over the border, but I’d assume you probably have to pay import/ brokerage fees.