PWCC Vault - shipping back your cards (over the border)


After searching - from what I understand if you a win a PWCC auction and ship the cards to the vault you avoid taxes (over the border). However, when you decide to ship to yourself - you will have to pay taxes when the cards go over the border based on the declared value (full amount of your purchase). Can someone confirm this.

The second question is, if you shipped your cards from home to PWCC Vault (over the border) - what happens when you decide to take the cards back - how is the package marked so that you don’t get charged again (custom duties).

You pay import tax on all goods shipped to you based on your countries regulation, you can’t avoid it.


I’ve never used their vault, does PWCC allow you to complete the customs declaration or do they do it on their own? Is there any difference on how they handle your own cards and cards bought through PWCC?

PWCC is legally required to declare the items at the value they believe they are worth. Doing otherwise would be mail fraud. PWCC uses the insured value on the vault page when you ship it.

If you dont agree with the declared value PWCC will use, you’ll have to either pick them up in person yourself or ship them to a middleman that can forward them to you.

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Technically, one could lower the insurance value of some of their cards in the vault before shipping them. But this is a really bad idea (if the package gets lost) and it runs along the lines of mail fraud.

I would recommend paying your taxes and duties.

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You could change the insured value. It used to be a lot easier. In my experience though it’s not easy to do today.

I have only tried this with one card. PWCC gave it an insured value of $200 when it’s a $50 card. I’ve attempted to change it multiple times, but nothing ever changes. Everytime I want to take it out I tell myself it’s not worth the extra $1.50, lol.

@pfm @A.P.Speeze

I change the insured values of my cards all the time. For example, PWCC saying a Dark Dragonite 1st Ed No Holo Error is worth $300 when in fact it’s worth several thousand dollars. It works each time for me.

Click on the card → Edit Owner Value → Put in the value → Finish

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It only works in one direction (the wrong direction). Below, both were valued at $15



I didn’t know that they disregard the owner’s value if it’s marking below their arbitrary insured value. I suppose I’ve only ever increased the value that they put.

I actually also had the same questions as I have thousands of dollars worths of cards on there and I’m hoping somehow to ship all of them to where I live (Australia T-T).
I’m not sure whether to do them in batches or just all in one go but I know I will be paying A LOT of money which will probably not have even been worth it for me to buy them in the first place