Is Buying Lots Profitable?

I’m using a local beg, barter, etc site through Facebook searching for small collections to buy to fill a few holes I have. Today I came across someone with binder kept sets from Base thru DP. I have no need for it but before I just passed I thought I would see if anyone else may need these. I haven’t inspected them yet in person, but I’ve seen a few pictures and they come from someone who has never played a game of Pokemon.

Now I’m wondering if buying such local collections could be profitable. This person is wanting $300 for all their cards. I could probably buy it for $200. How many Pokemon star, ex, and shining/secret rare would it take to be worthwhile?

I am in need of singles from WOTC sets. Are these full sets you’re looking to get rid of or a bunch of singles?

i need a couple of holos if their are mint and some ex’s if they have em

Yeah. I didn’t start that topic off well and went back and edited. Those of you with experience, please break it down for me. Roughly how many premium card would it take to make profit considering ebay and paypal fees. I know I would sale some direct as well. However, I think that ebay would be where most ended up.

Also, what kind of a turn-around should I expect? I need to determine how long to expect my funds to be tied up so I can work out a budget. I mean I could literally go ape-shit and buy 300,000+ cards for sale in my area, but then I couldn’t keep my internet on so I could move the cards…

I’ve done plenty of selling to cover my costs, but this will be my first steps into the retail arena. Any experienced help would be kind.

ok well when you say that many sets there is profit to be made just condition wise is something I would look at the most important part of it.majority of complete sets go for around the 50-150 mark depends on which set they are from and what holos would we want if your helping us.

now the money makers of course are the shinings ex’s gold stars crystals all that.i personally would not sell on ebay alot with their fees and crap now but if anything post online like the gym pokebeach or somewhere you can get some interests at.if you dont mind like waiting you can sell the good cards on amazon for decent prices though.

my estimate would be right now from the current market value
neo shinings depends which ones can go from 20-70
crystal cards the big one is charizard of course but the estimate value on each is 20-70
ex’s cards majority are the 10-20 value but the big hitters are 30+
gold stars now here is where it gets interesting.
many of the gold stars now go towards the 20+ mark certain ones like charizard and mew go for the higher end value

If you buy it at $200, it would only take a few complete sets to make your money back. Post Gym sets go for more than Pre Gym sets.

I kinda agree with legendslugia in that:
Shinings: average is about $10-25 with bigger cards like Charizard and 1st editions going $50-$60+
Crystals are really stuck under $20. Cards like Charizard, Lugia, and Ho-Oh go for more
Ex’s cards can go from $3-5 to $15-20 with big ones going $30+
Gold Stars are like legends said, average is around $20 with big ones like Charizard, Metagross, Lati@s etc going for more

Selling on Ebay can be good and bad. If you want to flip the cards and get your money back and a good profit “fast” then use Ebay because you can just put everything at auction and let it run its course or BIN at the average price and what not.
But, if you want to make as much as possible and don’t care about getting your money back and more “fast” then post on forums like pokegym where you can put the prices you want/need and wait for the right people to buy them.

I rarely see *s sell for only $20 on eBay; I usually see them going for closer to $30 minimum, and the *s of the Hoenn starters in particular are closer to $50 for some reason. (All of the chase cards in EX Team Rocket Returns seem inflated, IMO.)

The thing with the gold stars is that pretty much all of them are pretty rare cards of extremely popular Pokemon. There’s not a single * that makes me stop and wonder why they used that Pokemon, unlike Crystal Golem or Magcargo ex or something.

Flareon * and Jolteon * go for $20 or less because they are very abundant on Ebay for some reason. Same with Celebi * and occasionally Kyogre * goes for $20-$25.
But everything else goes for $30-$35 and up.

Gah. I really feel like a complete pricing list of all the Gold Stars is necessary for forums :stuck_out_tongue:
Think I should make one?

not really worth it since the gold stars go high and low at times.sometimes they go higher sometimes they go all depends on the day and time its being sold at.all the gold stars in my view are one of the best shiny cards besides the neo sets even now the newer ones they dont have the art that the gold stars gave.certain gold stars are too common and certain ones are more rarer.the reason being that ex TRR was a very popular set and alot of fans seem to like the hoenn starters alot than I though they would.I personally see groudon * going higher since delta species was a pretty hard set to get by.celebi is abundant on ebay but most dont sell for good prices at all.

right now pikachu mewtwo charizard mew and the *'s in ex deoxys are the highest in terms of value.