Looking to potentially buy a bulk lot

Good evening,

A year ago I was on PokeGym and found a local collector selling his collection (I also found out he was a professor at tournaments). Anyways he sold me roughly 7,000 WOTC uncommon/commons for $350, which is about 5 cents per card. He also for free threw in an additional 2,000 EX set cards. I believe I ended up with a little more than 9.5k cards when it was all said and done for $375 ( I threw in another $25). Every card was Near Mint or better, including roughly 500 1st edition cards spread out through EVERY WOTC set and EVERY EX set.

Question: Did I get extremely lucky?

Is it possible to find this kind of bulk lot deal again? I was looking to buy some bulk for around 5cents per card, and possibly spend around $500.

I wouldn’t be as picky with conditions, I would like only uncommon/commons from WOTC-EX sets though. Let me know if this realistic, and/or good places to buy bulk. Thank you

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wow nice deal!

yeah, I look for similar lots to resell like that… it is very very very difficult in 2015… most things are pricing against what is sold and known, and people are reluctant to do bulk sales as they are harder to ship around. Especially internationally… people are scared.

I recently bought 16000 wotc cards + some complete / near complete reverse sets, for nearly $2000 usd. I think it includes 330 English holograms + about 8 sets + 400 Japanese holograms.

and another lot of 8 WOTC binders of cards for $500, had a few sets in it, and just general bulk… a lot of TOPPS crap… z.z

both I spent weeks negotiating and hassling the sellers… For you in America its a lot easier shipping costs wise… but to find the quantity your after, with holograms, in good condition… is quite hard., I think…

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Thanks for reply! The only thing is my lot did not contain any holos, nor am I seeking any currently. I am just looking for uncommon/commons. I still think I paid under the normal value though

And your 16k lot deal sounds amazing, I hear you about the shipping though!

Shipping for 90 pounds internationally was quoted at $500 USD lol… I’ve talked her down to $299 now… still a lot…

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Pm me if you have good condition topps crap you want to get rid of. I enjoy collecting topps sets just because they go for cheap.

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Just wondering, do you happen to collect Topps Chrome by any chance?

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I have not yet but it is something I desire to collect

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Yeah I have opened up 3 topps chrome series 1 boxes in like the last month or so, TON of fun. I love that set. Too bad Series 2 is nearly impossible to find

how difficult is it finding the holo variations? I heard if was tough.

Spectra Chromes are 1:2 packs
Sparkle Chromes are 1:10 packs
Tekno Chromes are 1:15 packs

Teknos are next to impossible to find, sparkles are basically in the same boat. Spectras* are pretty easy, but unfortunately most of the people want like $10 per card for them (which is what I value a Tekno to be).


I don’t think I have even seen packs let alone boxes of these up.

I think someone has 3 packs listed for like $15

The Series 1 boxes come up like once every 3 months it seems like, and they generally sell for apprx. $100

The Series 2 box sold for $230ish and would have been more if I would have had $ to bid at the time haha

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