Inverted Black Star Promo prices?

Does anyone know the prices for the 4 Miss print error inverted black star promo cards? I know there are less than 30 prints of each design, but the prices really vary on these which depends on their condition. Pikachu, Dragonite, Mewtwo and Electabuzz?

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Around $500 for ungraded cards and for some weird reason $1,000-$1,500 for graded cards.

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Thank you :blush: x

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Is it confirmed there are less than 30 copies of these?

I am curious because it seems like they have hit the market quite often lately…

Dozens have hit the market and I know of many that haven’t.

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Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

I would be wary of purchasing one of these cards.

Honest question:

How could a production manager confirm for sure that such a small number came out of an error like this? In order for them to know, would they not have had to have knowledge of it previous to release? And then it wouldn’t have been released.

I’m just confused how that could be a confirmed number at all.

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That’s a true and extremely insightful response. Nice to see:)

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The general dilemma in collecting Rare English Promo Cards. The struggle is real!

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A possible scenario was that the error was downplayed and a small number of cards printed was offered to minimise accountability. Who would admit to being negligent and causing a bigger number of cards to be printed with error and packed before being discovered? I wouldn’t be surprised if the number is significantly more than what they claimed it to be. Just my thoughts. Thanks.

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There are definitely two types of rare english cards.

  1. Those with irregular means of distribution/leak, but with a solid back story and an interesting tale to be told.

  2. Fringe “variants” that are typically erroneous in nature with a difficult to determine value, questions with no answers, and a small interest base amidst collectors.

If it’s your cup of tea, drink it and please don’t mind me. But I’m just not sold on many cards of this nature. A lot of “nifty,” not a lot with a response beyond that.


Do you consider less rare errors like the No-Stage Blastoise as one of the variants? :blush:

Someone put one on auction last weekend and it went from $35 to $158 in the last 2 minutes and thats what the listing sold for. It was a Mewtwo ungraded in excellent condition

I personally do not feel an inclination to add one to my collection. It’s a mistake. That’s sort of where my interest ends.