Mew PROMO Error - only one in the world?

So i have this Mew black star promo - I’ve compared it to 10 other mews, and everything seems legit.
i cant find anything on this error on the web - makes me think if this is the only error known to the community in the world.
have you seen anything like it?

The backside is upside down, and comepletely misscut.

check pictures.

Do you have any info for me, or an idea what i should do and expect of value?

Best regards Benjamin



No one can tell you anything without card in hand. Especially since that card is worn out. Could be rebacked or not real at all. Could be real but really doesn’t matter anyways because it’s had it’s day.

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Cards with upside down backs and off-centering pop up all the time. This looks to be a normal black star Mew in damaged condition with a common printing error. I wouldn’t expect any kind of value premium, in fact, I’d be surprised if it sold for a couple bucks given the condition.

Unfortunately, “error” cards in Pokemon are very niche and usually not worth much at all.


I allready have a offer at 100 dollar - i dont think the condition matter for a card like this.
i know it has it rough. But im 100% sure that its authentic.
its not tampered with in any way - just played really bad. no creases tho only wear.

i know they pop up all the time, but not for this card.
I’ve spoken to multible people about it, including TCAgaming.
i have an offer at 100 dollar - and every error collector i talk to, is very interested.

Huh? Error collectors PAY UP no matter how stupid the error is.


Take that money and run


100 for a card like that, definitely take it and make sure they don’t do any more research before paying you!

@jcincy101, I’ve got some bridges to sell those error collectors then…


Gonna have to disagree here. Errors are niche, but there is a pretty large community of error collectors within the whole Pokemon community and they are willing to pay a surprising amount for something that would otherwise be seen as pointless. Card back errors arent usually the type to bring the most value, but on a Mew, youd be surprised the interest.


Every error collector i’ve shown the card to is interested in buying it.
inverted stamps on the moviepromos goes for 2-3000 dollar.
I cant see why this is only worth a 100.
specially because there is NO other proof of existence for this card.

in that case the condition doesnt make or break the value.

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Then by all means, find someone who will pay 2-3000 for your card and sell it to them!


@fourthstartcg, im not trying to make a fool of you.
and i dont claim my card has that value.

but saying i should sell for 100 asap for a card there is probably the only one in the world, just seem silly to me.

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I can only agree with the others on this one. The card is so beat up, that I would immediately sell it for a 100.


ye i know about the sheets. i talked to TCAgaming about that.
if there is 1, there should be atleast 1 sheet more of them.

Tho none has surfaced at all.

Thank you alot for your more helpfull critic @reinasierpe, - much apriciated

Errors are very niche absolutely but that being the case, this is a cool error, but because of the condition, I wouldn’t be as tempted to pay a premium. If you have a $100 offer on the card, I’d probably take it.

To give a comparison, Upside Down backs have gone anywhere from $50~$200 in the past for Holographic WOTC cards, but those were in MUCH better condition than this. Best of luck, though!


I would estimate its value at around $100… and honestly not much more than that. Upside-down backed cards are not very common, but these non-holo mew cards were printed into oblivion. So this card specifically isn’t that rare and/or sought after.

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One way of thinking about it is even though this card is “one-of-a-kind” or rare enough that it is effectively so, it’s part of a larger category of “up-sidedown back” cards which are rare, but there are many of them out there. So there are many options out there if you want to get your feet wet with this type of misprint. I have one right here next to me, a buneary I paid $20 for, in vastly better condition. And yes, condition does matter. Add the fact that it’s a mew and a popular wotc card, subtract the heavy play condition and $100 feels about what I would expect.


I collect error cards. The “legit” error cards have significant errors on them like “no stage” blastoise, “No HP” Persian, “Flipped WB symbol” and so on. The community could easily agree that these are error cards. The less frequent that error shows up, the more desirable.

Anything that is just printing defect from manufacturing isn’t an error card worth a premium - ink bubbles, crimped cards, off center cards and so on.

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thank you all for the replies - all gets noted :blush:

@mrstoone, Bro take that money and run. That card is worth very little for its condition. Always someone willing to pay ridiculous amounts. Repeat errors that have a limited run tend to hold the real value like no damage ninetales or evolution box error wartortle. One offs are very niche and few people care, so take the money!

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