I'm an idiot.

So apparently those sealed wrappers I’ve been throwing away that have the back of a regular Pokemon card showing on one side and just some general text on the other have promo cards inside of them! Who knew?! (don’t answer)

Wait? Which wrappers. Do you have pictures?

Nope I just saw this video pop up on youtube:

Pokemon Sale - Sealed Movie Promos - Electabuzz and Dragonite - YouTube

and they were the same. I think one had Ancient Mew on it and another one had Neo Discovery on it. It just looked like the text was the front of the card, and not that there was a card inside.

lol Sorry man

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7 seconds in is for you.

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Brother…you may not know that the M Theory may one day explain what’s at the bottom of a Black Hole but does that make you an idiot? Of course not.

Every single thing you know, at one point you didn’t.

Live and learn…and share so others like me don’t look like idiots:)

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O god, and you didt even bother opening them?

a well, no real harm done. Unless they were misprints… :stuck_out_tongue:

I have all of them sealed if you want to do it over, but now know not to throw them out.

@aj1 nope, I thought that the orange bit was the front of the card *facepalm*, I just assumed it came with the set or the promo itself? Who knows… really I’m not that bothered as I’m not really fussed with promo cards, I’ll just keep any that come with sets that I buy.

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The title was tongue in cheek by the way guys, I just thought it was a tale worth sharing. :grin:

Along the lines of stupidity, i just noticed that all gold star cards are of shiny pokemon… Who knew?

Same with some secret rare cards.


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Hey I guess I’m not so silly after all!