Should I keep these promos sealed?

Hi, I recently came across some Wizards black star promos from Pokemon The First Movie via Craigslist. I got two of each promo (Pikachu, Electabuzz, Mewtwo, and Dragonite) and they are still sealed in plastic with a little extra promotional card in there that is like an advertisement for the Pokemon TCG League. Was just wondering if anyone knew if I should keep them sealed - does that increase value? Do people care about those little advertisement cards? Any information would be helpful - and I obviously can post pics if that’d help you guys.

Also sorry if this is a noob question, just got back into collecting recently.

I think the decision is up to you based on what you’d prefer. I wouldn’t really decided based upon price (increase/decrease) with these as they don’t really hold much value sealed (I think they are pretty common on ebay and don’t go for a whole lot). Anything sealed and from WOTC will increase, but I don’t see these moving much given the amount printed and the fact that they haven’t moved much in price since their release.

Nevertheless, they are beautiful cards opened. I graded a set in PSA 10 for my collection and love them!

It really depends upon what you’re looking to do with these cards. When I was building the Black-Star Promo Set, many of my card purchases came in the original packaging - all of which were opened and placed into my binder. Personally, I’d rather be able to look at the actual card than some stupid promotional text card. However, since you have two of those sets, I’d open one and keep the other as-is - that’s just me though.

In terms of value… Those advertisement cards really don’t hold much (if any) value. I couldn’t tell you how many of those cards I’ve just thrown away after opening the packaging! However, you will get a small premium leaving everything in the packaging as opposed to having them loose - it’s really not much regardless though.

Perfect answers, thanks guys! I like the idea of having a sealed set, but definitely wanna see them also, so I think I will open one set. Appreciate it.

Maybe you have a Mewtwo error! Is there any indication of that probability (in general) available before opening?

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There was only a very small amount, maybe even just a single sheet of the upside down stamps. think about how many movie promos were printed :stuck_out_tongue: there are still cases and cases of them


Since you got two sets, open one and enjoy them. The other you can keep sealed for memory’s sake.
You asked about the filler card. It’s does nothing and has no value.

Yea i would think you could buy these for the rest of your life and never pull an upside down stamped card.


Lol…has anybody here ever pulled one? If so, fly on out here to Vegas and we’re gonna hit the tables;)

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If you manoeuvre the two cards around you can actually see if it’s an error version or not

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Good tip…

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@acebren is indeed right, you can see the stamp on the sealed card. When you browse for sealed copies on eBay they usually show pictures of the names, and usually you can also see the stamp at the top-right corner of the artwork if they’ve wiggled the insert card low enough. I doubt anyone will open an Inverted stamp error by accident when purchasing some of these sealed… There are literally hundreds of thousands of these made…

I hope to ever come across an Inverted stamp error Pikachu for my collection… But it definitely won’t be by accident in a sealed pack, that’s for sure.


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My personal opinion is always to keep things sealed unless you have a reason to open them. If i was going to grade the promos I would open them obviously, otherwise I would keep them sealed. This is just my opinion though. I love keeping things sealed. It took a lot of will power to be able to collect sealed product like I do now. The urge to open your product will lessen with time. Hope this helps