Japanese CD Promo FAIL

This was weird, I decided to open my Pokemon CD (factory sealed) to extract the cards from its casing only to find out Mewtwo is missing… WTF? Is this even normal? :confounded:

Now I have to buy a Mewtwo, good thing they’re inexpensive. I wonder if someone opened a CD only to find two Mewtwo, lol.

That really sucks.

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Thanks. You win some, you lose some. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m also anxious about a priority package full of valuable MTG cards which could be sitting in a sidewalk for all I know, the person I sent it to hasn’t mentioned he received it and USPS tracking only says “delivered” which sometimes means “left in front door for anyone to steal”, I forgot to have it sent with signature required. Hasn’t been a good day today.

That’s bad…
The Mewtwo is imo one of the better cards from this Promo set. I’m sure though you can easily find another one. This sometimes happens, I know someone who found two holo Venusaurs and Blastoises in a VHS Promo set :open_mouth:

That sucks man. Mine is still sealed, so hopefully its in there.

I remember seeing a yugioh promo pack opening, supposed to contain the blue eyes ultimate dragon (pretty much the only reason for buying that particular pack) and the guy had that missing to.


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Yeah it really is a bummer, but I found a NM one for cheap at $8.50 so all is good with the world now. :grin:

I saw that video too, really awesome, sucks to be the guy who opened the VHS set sans Venusaur. lol

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