ID on some japanese cards

Hello everyone,

My name is Kevin and I just joined this forum. I have just recently began collecting again and would like to start out with the japanese base - neo sets.

So a week ago me and my S.O. went to Japan. On one day in Tokyo we found a place that sold packs of 40 japanese pokemon cards (only the first was holo so we assumed the rest was a bit of a mixed batch). I bought two of these packs and stored them in the luggage until we would return to our homecountry. (belgium).

So when we came back we opened both packs and behold! ALL of the cards were Holo’s from base to the neo sets (lucky for me I would say). Most of them were ID’d easily, but some I still can’t find out what they are.

I have one base japanese magneton that is missing it’s rarity symbol, so I don’t know if this is a fake card or from a promotion of some kind?

Same with some of the Gym #1 holo’s, although I have alot more of these (around 6-7 various holo’s) that are missing it’s rarity symbol.

I also have a gengar which is not part of any of the sets base - neo which I assume were all the cards in those packs since no other sets were included. The logo for this card is an black and white poké ball it seems and the image of the gengar is like he is pointing at you. His HP is 80 and hase one attack that does 30 damage. It’s illustrator is by Hironobu Yoshida if this might help.

All the other cards I was albe to ID with some good ones mixed in like a GB promo lugia and the CD promo’s Charizard and venusaur (the ones you could get on the TCG game for the gameboy back in the day) and an almost complete japanese base holo set (missing one).

Thanks in advance for the ID’s!

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No rarity is the first edition for japanese cards, worth a lot more

The gym with no symbol is from the decks, the gengar might be a masaki mail in promo, any pictures?

I’m dutch btw :wink:

If there isn’t a WEB symbol on the Gengar then it should be a Masaki, which would be amazing. How much did you pay for them if you don’t mind my asking?



Masaki it is!

Here are the photo’s of the gengar.

I’m already stoked about that magneton thanks for the awnser!

-ljgenco12: No problem, we purchased some other cards (incl Yugioh/DBZ for my brother) so the cashier gave is a discount. Normally it was priced 4000 yen per pack and with the discount you could say we paid about 6500 for both packs. wich is roughly calculated I think a bit more than 60 dollars. All cards are in excellent to near mint condition (in my uneducated opinion that is)

Oh great! Super stoked right now! Can’t believe some random purchase would yield a hidden treasure (at least for me). And to think I was already super happy about nearly completing my japanese base set.

No wonder there has are rare cards in it :wink:

I guess my next trip will be Tokyo :open_mouth: