i want mews

e series promo
expedition rare
roota’s mew
mew vs celebi championships arena
^all japanese

p5 mew holo
^ english

will buy/trade

can check your wants.

I should be getting in some mew primes if you are interested jason. Also maybe an arena, maybe :blush:

arena, do want

primes, already got 2 jp and getting like infi eng ones incoming ;p

Jason- did you notice the Mew on Seeker? Also do you want the error or corrected POP5?

both please wayne.

if you have em both, please link me to your wants and i can check it.

I’ll pick them up for you then. I only have the ones in my collection, but they are readily available to me at tournaments. I’ll get back with you as soon as I have them in hand.

okay. let me know on pokegym


Hey jason you dont have to bump on here there are not enough members/threads.

If people are not responding it is probably because they dont have what you are after :confused: