Seeking to finish MEW

10/16 (Rumble) GOT
033/P *sunset mew* Thanks to Unique Username- GOT!

If anyone has any of these for a reasonable price, please let me know.

:confused: I can’t seem to find 033/P for under 200 buy it now- and I just don’t have that to really throw around…

@evilmind2 – I shall utilize vigilant surveillance – anything to help a fellow collector!

Mew 033/P is always so expensive…it honestly shouldn’t be worth that much. I’ve seen it go for $40 twice, so in my opinion it is about exercising patience in waiting for an appropriate price.

LOL if you see it going for that again- let me know :wink:

I discovered a new listing that may pique your interests:

Mew 033/P

£35 ≈ C $55 (US $58). A smidgen greater than $40, though fairly reasonable. Nevertheless, it is definitely less expensive than $200!

if its the Japanese Rumble Mew I have it

Thank you, I need to update this but I’m getting the English version :3