I now own over 30% of the PSA 10 Southern Island Marills

I just realized how low the pop was for Marill in the Japanese Southern Islands set. I now own 9 of the 26 PSA 10s of this card. I know this card has bad centering issues and corner chips straight out of the pack, but holy cow! If only they were trophy cards haha =)

I also have 7 of the 46 Southern Island Mews as well! woot woot!


That’s impressive dude, nice!

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Now post one on Ebay for 2k usd and see how prices start to rise


LOL. That’s absurd. That’s prob what all these flippers are doing right now though. :confused:

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Patiently waiting for my package to arrive:)


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Why not? lol. Decided to get a few graded as a set… I got lucky I guess.

Have any lesser graded Marills you wanna get rid of? Just need one with a clean holo, don’t really care about the back…

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I can see the southern islands set going up in value over the next couple of years, they are all awesome looking cards.

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I know people doing this but with cards like Rockets Magneton lol…

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I did get one PSA 9 back (Japanese). You can DM me. I’m still waiting for my package to arrive (UPS says it’s coming today)…
Not sure if I’m gonna hold onto it or not but let’s chat.

I honestly just love the Southern Islands set. Similar to Scott, it’s what got be back into Pokemon back in 2012. I have a ton of the sealed sets in Japanese and 2 sets in English. I never bought these with the intention of seeing them shoot up in value or anything, I truly just wanted a bunch of sets to one day grade some 10s for myself. Obviously today’s market is a different story but it just makes these cards that more precious to me.

Sorry, I should have specified I’m just looking for an english one. Thanks anyway.

very nice, awesome card

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I also have a psa 9 English one… (2) of them Actually but I’m keeping 1…

If you are ever open to selling an English sealed set, I am your guy :grin:

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Let’s see if this works. Linking pictures is strange on here for me lol


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Thank you! I’ll give it a test run later