I need an I.D on these cards...

Any ideas? Thanks guys!


Bottom right corner, use bulbapedia

Bada bing bada boo


If you ever get a card with a Black Star Promo on it, search the number on bulbapedia. If it’s a something /P Black Star Promo, search the Unnumbered Promo lists for your card(s)

yeah all I’ve got it is this pic…can’t make out the number

They were victory medals released as a prize for a tournament (The HGSS Collection Gym Challenge) in 2009, and are fairly common I believe, as I’ve seen them listed online very often and they sell for cheap prices. More information here.

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Thanks man, much appreciated. Yeah I’ve found these at a very cheap price…wasn’t sure if I’d struck gold or if these are fakes or something!

Ah, thought they were yours.

as jkuo said, they are quite common and quite cheap. Although decent looking cards.

Will get you like 15 dollars a card with the novice collector though.

Yeah but taking advantage of someone especially novice collectors = ):

Generally speaking you can get them and sell them for around $10ish dollars

It would be taking advantage if I asked 100 dollars, like some french do on ebay. 15 is reasonable, including shipping and all. Especially since they go for 10 on ebay. Don’t make me out to be a bad guy :wink:

I’m not :wink:

Just saying that you should state truthful prices.
$15 is an overestimate that includes shipping.
My assumption on most price checks is shipping is not included in the price I quote.

15 for raw is a little overpriced I sold a psa 10 set for 28 Dollars a few months back at auction if that’s helps and they are quite common at the moment

Thanks guys. Great forum (as ever!) Really love getting these detailed responses from you guys. I just got back into collecting, and so I’m really only familiar with base set era stuff - but in my searches I randomly stumble across cards like these in China, and they are very very cheap - hence the post!

Thanks again!


Hi guys. Sorry - me again! Tried googling magmar vs electabuzz… Can’t find anythingz any info from the experts here? Cheers.


Ah silly me. Not electabuzz magmar but electivire vs magmortar

Is there a question?

Some of the holos in these decks have amaaazing patterns. But there are also EXes that are non holo.

Cheers for the quick answer. Not interested in these cards to be honest- I hate decks. Prefer the surprise of not knowing what I’m going to get. If anyone is interested in these I can pick them up next time in in Macau