I made a Charizard card tierlist

For all of you Charizard collectors I made tier list for which you can find here, all you need to do is drag and drop to the category where you think the Charizard belongs. I used what was listed on pkmncards.com and included the the MAX/VMAX that is coming out in August. You can share your tierlist by screenshoting it or clicking “save/download”.


My jimmies are rustled.


Your tier list hurts my eyes


It looks like your tier list was accidentally posted upside-down for some reason.

Edit: Here’s my list.


effectspore: *makes tierlist*



You know a person is trying to trigger people when they like their own post.

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If you don’t like the stuff you make, who is?

It looks like the names of each Charizard were put on a dart and then thrown at a dart board while blind folded & intoxicated.

LOL Base 1st Edition is F-tier… Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but this is pretty funny man.

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Wait till you see my Mewtwo one


Cool idea! Here is my list. I know I’m a bit harsh haha


Ty for actually making a tier list of your own


Why no unlimited?

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Great idea, tier lists are always fun! Although 1st Ed base below later (re)prints is…debatable.

Here’s mine

1st edition Base Zard. 1st edition Shining Zard. Crystal Zard. Gold Star Zard. 1st edition Blaine’s Charizard. 1st edition Dark Charizard. Staff Zard. Shadowless Zard. Expedition Zard. Fire Red Leaf Green Charizard Ex. Ex Dragon Zard. Stormfront Charizard. Plasma Storm Charizard. Unlimited Zard. Rainbow Rare Charizard. Shiny Charizard hidden fates. Rainbow ReshiZard. Rainbow Braixen Zard. All holo zards from ex era thru Arceus Zard. Full Art Zard (1st one) all other full arts. I did a ranking but couldn’t download it

All list are false list if XY evolutions zard, is not the top zard of all time.
All hail the 6th reprint.

Nice! Here is mine:

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Hold onto your butts for my response.

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I wish you remembered to include the 1st edition shadowless crystal gold star shining zigzagoon :weary: