i am new, my collection and Please read

my account name is themagickookie. i think i have a pretty decent collection.
my “mega rares”
palkia and dialga stadium
i have a very very vast collection of ex Pokemon cards like 30+ with i consider rare. i also have cards like bilingual executor, mt. Fuji pikachew and others. i have Manny primes. not very Manny legend pieces. I am currently trying to collect one of each of the lugia cards ever released. I am parity far i am currently looking for lugia ex i have one in used condition and expecting a nm any day now. I am part of the youtube Pokemon trading community and have don 20+ trades and been scammed More than 5 times so believe me when i say. I know all there tricks and know how t deal with them. I also know that other people like gamecard are on youtube as candyman. he has over 60 neo shinings and gold stars, he also has every single one. my youtube name is themagickookie if you do got to my channel I’m sorry my camera makes my voice seem Rely young. i am also looking for more victory rings especially a psa graded one. I also would be interested in a mysteries pearl or diamond. I don’t know if u read that but on pokegym i was the guy trying to trade for the ssrb 2 mewtwo. i would like to become more involved in this website. if you have any ideas Please pm me.
thank you for your time

Ps i might know whr u can get the Masaki set

Anything from my list interest you? Post on my topic if anything catches your eye. Welcome to UPCCC btw!

I have a suggestion…
Not to be rude, but correct grammar and spelling are always welcome :wink:
Welcome to UPCCC!

The Palkia/Dialga Stadium is called Championship Arena and originally featured Celebi and Mew. You also have the rare Shiny Dogs don’t you?

did traded them

why was i rude? and I didnt have time to sorrect sorry

For a second I thought you had the Bilingual Lucky Stadium, and was just thinking wow!

Welcome - hopefully you’ll get some good trades going eventually. But please, please try to correct your spelling and grammar. I had a very hard time trying to work out what you were saying.

(That is also what idrumprettywell was saying. He wasn’t saying you were rude in anything you wrote :blush:)

yah I know I just was in a big rush and never had time, but I will in the future.

do you have scans of that card?