Haze's Collection ;)

Hey guys, I am new to the Japanese Pokemon card scene and just started collecting them this past month. Before coming to this site I pretty much collected only English Pokemon cards from sets, but after coming here I decided I wanted to become a serious collector. I know my collection isn’t as good as many on here but I hope to become a top collector with time and hope to gain more knowledge from you guys. I am not going to post a lot of my english cards that I did collect simply for the fact not many people are that interested in them. Ok so here is the beginning of my Ultra Rare Collection.

P.S. This is about a Months work of collecting except the sample set which I completed a few months ago.

Mew Victory Orb w/Case Ooops Picture is sideways :open_mouth:

Pikachu Victory Ring w/Case

Thanks for looking. I will have a couple more purchases arrive in the coming weeks :blush:

Complete Sample Set

Fan Club Espeon

Thanks. I really like the original cases as they make the card stand out and more unique to me.

If I can get the card in its original case I will definitely leave it in there compared to PSA grading it and wasting the case. But for some cards like the Miracle Diamond it is really hard to find it in it’s original case. I am envious of UU who has the original case for the diamond :wink:

@haze - Thanks for sharing your collection with us! It is a very impressive start :blush:

The envy is mutual, my friend. You have a [Victory Orb (Mew)] in its case – lucky! I have been trying for ages to obtain it. I know a few contacts who have it, yet they have unrealistic price expectations for it :confused:

^ Never mind~

Leave a few cards for the rest of us, eh? :wink:

Well yea since I bought the Ring, the person gave me a real good deal on the orb if I purchased at the same time :wink:

Wow! Very nice! I’m glad to see you went with the victory orb and ring :wink: My last vending card came in today so I’m super jealous of those maskai cards!

Thanks! those other cards can wait if you know what I mean :blush:. I really want to get those vending sets they are awesome. How much do they run by chance?

Hahaha you have time to get those :blush: I got all three vending sets (plus pass card) for around $200-300…I can’t remember as I pieced it together over a month. They are getting a little harder to find unless you buy the sets already complete…which sometimes have high asking prices.

Are yours sealed?

No, I wanted to look at them :blush: I do have a sealed one from each set though.

Yea I would want to see all the cards too! I need to learn the secret of how you get your cards for such great deals :blush:

Hahaha you just have to be patient (as hard as that can be :/) and keep your eyes open. Plus years and years of collecting helps to. :blush:

A few updates nothing too big. Got my charizard back from Scott who sent them to PSA.

Congrats on your Charizard! :blush:
Is a PSA 10 hard to get?

1st edition base set cards I hear is very hard to get a 10 since they werefirst printed and how old they are.

I see…

-pokes Scott-
I think you should do another PSA order soon :wink:

Well congrats on a 9! :open_mouth:

:wink: Scott probably wont do another order for awhile :slightly_frowning_face: I am thinking about making my own account because I am needing to grade to some cards.

@haze - Congratulations on your new additions! I love the Mysterious Pearl :heart:

Wow! I love the grain in that hardwood floor…oh the cards are cool too…Just kidding, congrats on the new cards! I’m glad to see you got that mysterious pearl :blush:

@mkpokecc - (Laughs) You are truly awesome.

I prefer Brazilian cherry wood, myself