Hyper reshizard

I’ve seen things on fb that apparently there was a buy out of this card on TNT or something. And prices have sky rocketed ! It’s madness surely it can’t stay this high

@thecharizardauthorty any insight on pull rate across a mass opening?

I have seen things thrown around like ~1:900 packs or so but I’m not sure. Playable + zard = $$$$

I debated on buying this card at $200 and thought it was too much. Will save my money for other cards. With the prices they are now no way I am touching it. I have a good amount of hyper rare cards so for me the appeal isn’t worth a high price tag anymore.

1/936 packs approximate was me. :stuck_out_tongue:

It being 1 of 26 big pulls that are typically 1 per box. 26 boxes x 36 packs = 936 packs

Assuming the 26 big cards are on average 1 per box and that they all have the same pull rate.

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It should have the same pull rate as other hyper rates. It’ll drop to about £80/$100 in 8 weeks

Something like 1/926 for any particular hyper.

It’ll definitely drop when it rotates out of standard. People are going to open a lot of this set because it is large and there are a ton of playable cards.


Bought one from TNT this weekend for $180. They had another at the show, but looked like an 8/9.

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Crazy. TNT is now buying (up to 17 of them) at $195. I’ve seen a lot of people say a lot of things but when TNT is buying at $195 it is a very real price.


I wouldn’t be surprised if this card mimics the Burning Shadows Hyper Rare Charizard price point and starts selling at $300+ raw and $500+ for PSA 10s.

I’m personally really happy that the Reshizard artwork for the 097/095 Double Blaze card wasn’t released with Unbroken Bonds. Hopfully is gets its own tin because the artwork is amazing!

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I gave in and bought this stupid thing a couple days ago. I didn’t think Burning Shadows’ rainbow Zard was going to increase much more when I bought that two years ago and it’s almost double that price now… so I took the gamble that right now is the “good” price ugh what a time to be a collector. :sob:

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The hyper rare Charizard from Burning Shadows, probably one of the most printed sets of all time, is nearly 2 years old with a PSA 10 pop of 600+ still sells for $200+ raw. It’s not even a playable card. I don’t know how you can make this prediction.


And Reshizard is a lot more playable and Unbroken Bonds has more secret rares than Burning Shadows does. Sure everyone is just trying to get a copy so they can grade it and flip it, but the cheapest copy of the card on TCGplayer is still $70 more expensive right now than the cheapest copy that was up when I bought mine less than 2 days ago.

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I pulled 3 in 2632 packs. Im gonna open some more packs soon, but pretty tough to pull.

Burning Shadows was printed into the ground like several other sets from around then…


I’d imagine though once this loses its playability or goes out of rotation it will drop

I dont see playability driving that card right now. I hope it does drop because I want more…

Top tier & charizard is gonna keep it ridiculous for a while.

Hmmmmm maybe I’ll skip on this one haha no point getting sucked into the hype