How to store Jumbo Cards?

Been leaving Jumbo Cards in the boxes they come in for a while now(I only have newer Jumbos)
But that is becoming very space hogging.

Any tips on how to store them otherwise?

Didn’t know Ultra Pro did Jumbo Sleeves, thanks. Feel free to lock/delete as my question has been answered :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes they do JUMBO TOPLOADERS too :blush:

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Which are great, but only for the regular Jumbo’s. Not the semi crystals or the jumbo jumbo gerarina.
Top loader are really great though, also for shipping. Can’t get them here, but have gotten them with jumbo-buys on ebay.

I store my Jumbos at @bagoly14 's house.

@elam18 you might wanna pick them up! @bagoly14 might be moving soon!