Protecting and Displaying Booster Packs and Jumbo Cards

I know this question gets asked quite a bit, but I need some opinions on some products I thought about using to display and protect my booster packs and jumbo cards.

Jumbo Cards
I really wanted to put all of my jumbo cards in a 3-ring binder. I purchased Ultra Pro full page sleeves and stuck all of my cards in them. It looks really nice, but I want more protection. Then I saw that they make 6x9 top loaders for photos. 6x9 would fit most of my jumbo cards, but I think the English Base Set Charizard jumbo is a little too tall… :confused: I ordered some anyway just to see. I also saw that they make these. Would they be worth buying too? Especially for the holo jumbo cards? Would they still fit in the top loaders?

Booster Packs
I also want to find a way to store my booster packs in a binder to display them. I went searching for 4-pocket binder pages and I found these. Has anyone used these before? Would they fit booster packs well? Could I put a pack inside of a team bag first and still fit it into the page? Does anyone have any other ideas to display booster packs in a 3-ring binder?

6x9 jumbos work for all of the jumbos I have, even the Charizard. I don’t suggest buying 6x9 sleeves, as they won’t fit in the 6x9 toploaders. You’d have to trim the sleeve to get it to fit.

I have 4 pocket page protectors, and I use them to store my Expedition box toppers, so they might be a bit big for booster packs. Although, my pages are the size of normal 9 pocket pages, so I don’t know if mine are bigger than the ones you linked too.

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