Are my jumbo cards safe?

Could someone with some experience with jumbo cards tell me if my cards will be safe in the ‘protection’ that I have provided? Is there better ways to keep them safe without using toploaders??


That is not a safe way to hold jumbos. The page protector easily bends and the card mostly likely will be damaged. I store my jumbos inside toploaders and then inside a plastic box. (PM me if you would like some toploaders) The oversized box toppers I also store inside a smaller toploader as well.

Just use the big ass top loaders, they fit perfectly and look quite nice!

If not, make sure the don’t move and have something solid and bigger helping it not to bend :wink:

Those cards are awfully close to those binder rings which can cause indentations. Plus…unless the cards line up perfectly, any offset can damage them.

Is there like a giant penny sleeve that would fit the Jumbos? I feel kind of iffy if I had to put them in toploaders naked lol. And thank you for the replies! Time to fix them xD

Yes, there are penny sleeves (even many sealable) in all sizes:)

There are sometimes cheap photo frames, and top-loaders / photo binders which can fit those jumbos perfectly, but usually hard to find the exact size. Places like Muji in japan have a variety though which might fit.

6x9 toploaders will solve all of your problems.

I actually ordered 125 of them :blush:

Still can’t seem to find a decent ‘penny sleeve’ for jumbos yet. any suggestions?

If I recall correctly, the only ones that are larger are the Japanese Giratinas and the double-sided Ho-Oh & Lugia Legend.

So many different sizes!! Thank you so much!!

And I will keep that in mind, have yet to come across anything bigger than 6x9 (other than the 5ft card lol)