How to Ship PSA Cards

There is probably a thread for this topic but I figured I would share my method of shipping PSA cards. It has been 100% effective so far after months of doing it with singles and multiple cards and I’ve had customers tell me it’s the best packing method they have seen. So here are some pictures of my method.
Step 1: Supplies (Ziploc bag, cardboard cutouts - which are made by me with scissors and old boxes)

Step 2: Make PSA sandwich

Step 3: Tape Down the card and remove air from bag to prevent any movement.

Step 4: insert into perfect fitting bubble mailer. (4x8 Kraft Mailer)

Step 5: Seal it up then attach label

This method works for one PSA card. You can fit up to 3 PSA cards per ziploc bag but you will need a bigger bubble mailer for anything more than one PSA card. I also use a cardboard box around this when shipping very valuable items or more than 3 cards at a time.

Hope this helps some of you ship more securely and safely. Protect those investments!


i like Syuju017’s Ebay store packing method alot, instead of a layer cardboard he uses 2 pieces of wood on the cardboard as extra protection.
it’s a bit similar to yours, and i’m sure yours is sufficient aswell!


I have been using this method so far, and it works really well. I put the PSA card in a small bubble mailer that is perfect size for PSA case, and then I just insert it to another, little bit bigger bubble mailer. Really fast & easy, the small bubble wrap envelope costs me only about 0.15$, and the bigger one 0.20$, so it’s also really cheap. The cardboard method you use probably adds little bit more protection thought. Good thread idea :blush:


ive had mine in a small box with bubble wrap

Lots of good suggestions here. I still remember using just bubblewrap and tape with first PSA cards I sold until I finally adapted to similar technique @garyis2000 uses:

Take 2 pieces of slightly oversized cardboard and place them over card, put 2-3 rubberbands lengthwise and crosswise so the PSA card has no chance to move and finally wrap it inside multiple layers of Saran Wrap that should protect content from possible water damages. No complaints so far from buyers ( + I’ve saved decent amount in shipping charges because overall protection stays so thin ). :blush:

I don’t use rubber bands but yes, the slightly oversized thick cardboard and tight Saran Wrap works perfect. Best thing, it costs basically zero. Then, a bubble mailer. Always under 3ozs.
A second PSA card and I simply add one more square of cardboard between the two cards and it’s under 5ozs.

I buy a restaurant size generic 4000 sq foot Saran Wrap and it lasts 4+ years. Comes out to about 1/2penny per mailer.

All the suggestions here are great. Your all professionals who don’t use tape/adhesives:)