What's the best bubble mailer for PSA cards?

I’ve only got a couple of these left: C-Pak #000 4x7 Inches Interior Sized Kraft Bubble MailersThey did the job, but they’re just barely big enough to fit a PSA card with a piece of cardboard on each side. I need a bubble mailer that is at least 7" as my label printer (Brother QL-700) can only print out the 7" shipping labels from eBay. I’ve noticed some people use larger bubble mailers and then just fold them over. I’d be open to that option.

Anybody got a favorite brand or size they prefer?

I use a 0000 which fits the slab tight and then I go inside of a 0 with that. No cardboard just the two mailers. It has served me well as my failure rate is less than 0.1% and I am fairly sure one of my failures was a pissed off customer who shattered the case themselves and then said the mail did it. Another time the case was cracked and it could have been the same thing or may have been a legitimate mail carrier thing. Cardboard is overkill, I just move to small flat rate boxes for any card over $250 and have never had a single issue with that.

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These are perfect, You’re able to fit a psa card in there great with some optional extra packaging ( cardboard, extra bubble wrap ). Aswell as fold the bubble mailer so the card is snug. Me and others have been using these for awhile and with all the ebay promotions, these are a great price for how many you get.


The issue I’ve seen with folding bubble mailers over is that if you don’t tape the edges where the two layers have a gap in between you run a higher risk of it being ripped open in transit. Some people tape all the edges regardless even when not folded over, but I just run a single piece of tape over the address to keep the label secure and prevent rain from messing with the ability to read the address. I don’t think I’ve ever had a ripped open bubble mailer issue except when I used to fold them over.

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I use a “0”
Put PSA card in cardboard then wrap in Saran Wrap (I like to reuse/recycle where I can)
I put adhesive label on flap side over the flap.
Then tape over addresses (if international I’ll tape flap)

The only reason to use an oversized(#0) bubble envelope is so it stands out from smaller mail so it’s easier to notice if dropped etc.

As Ketchum said, don’t fold over because it makes it easier to catch on something and rip. Plus it defeats the purpose of having a package that stands out.

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@gottaketchumall , @garyis2000

So I’m thinking I’ll get these 4x6 #0000 bubble mailers and pair them with these 6x10 #0 bubble mailers.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a scale to weigh my packages. I’ve been putting 4 oz as I never had a package weigh more than that when I was going to the post office to ship.

Am I right in assuming the package should still come out to 4 oz or under if it’s just one PSA card inside the 2 mailers?

Could you get 2 PSA cards in there for under 4 oz?

Also, does the 6x10 size matter at all for shipping costs? I haven’t bothered filling out dimensions when purchasing a label through eBay.

Thanks in advance for the help, I know it’s a lot of questions, appreciate you taking the time to answer!

My single PSA cards shipped in my style is under 3oz. 2 cards about 5oz. 3 cards about 7oz.

By using two bubble mailers per package your nearly doubling your packing supply cost.

I put 2 oz in as the default weight for my PSA cards. Most sales are individual or pairs, and I know shipping cost is flat to 4 oz which 2 cards packed my way still fit under. Note for two cards I simply put them each in their own 0000 then put those into the 0. Three cards or more I feel like I change it up all the time.