How to reach the Japan post?

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I’m encountering an issue with returning a package to Tenso. It’s been held up in customs since March 25th, which is rather unusual. I’ve been attempting to contact the Japanese post office at the provided number, 0570-046-111, but unfortunately, I keep receiving a message stating that the number does not exist. Doesn’t matter if I put the +81 in front or not.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can reach the post office or customs to prevent my package from being sent back? Any advice would appreciated :slight_smile:

Have you tried calling without the first 0 of the phone number? I could be completely off or a genius as this is what is needed when calling back home with the country code.

Edit: would be 0081570……

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0570 (NaviDial), 0120 (FreeCall) and 0800 (also FreeCall) are domestic-only numbers so international calls will never reach them, regardless of adding country codes or not.

I tried to find a number that doesn’t start with those digits but no luck. You might have to write them an email:


@Bingbong yep I tried that as well :confused:

@rabby250 Thank you for the input. I send them a Mail now, but I doubt this will reach the right person.

Yeah, Japanese phone numbers are a pain to get in contact with.

This is accurate about the in country toll free numbers. Also, there is another 3 digit code you have to enter after the 81, it is 011.

As @Bingbong also said, leaving off the first 0 for the “070” or “080”, etc part is also necessary in some situations. Do some google searches for how to call to Japan from out of country and it’ll give you a whole host of information on how outrageous it is.

I once had to try about 30 different number combinations to call this one company and I ended up getting charged $120 for international calls that month. Despite only two connected calls totaling 15 mins or less of talk time :expressionless::expressionless: